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GDAI - Governance Webinar

Governance matters for development – and development matters for governance.
Governance has become a powerful theme of discussions of development in Africa and elsewhere. But there is a need for more debate within Africa on these issues.

Is everybody agreed what governance, let alone ‘good governance’, means? Is the relationship between governance and development outcomes (economic growth, poverty reduction, improved health, greater freedom, etc) beyond question? Which governance changes make the most difference to people’s well-being and to structural change in Africa? What are the lessons of governance reforms across different African countries? Has the governance issue been hijacked or depoliticised by the interventions of foreign donor organisations? Or are these organisations the useful bearers of convincing evidence and accumulated experience from elsewhere in the world?

As part of the ‘Governance for Development in Africa’ programme that we at SOAS run in collaboration with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, we are making available a series of webinars, which are and further will be available in audio format available at

These governance and development webinar are one part of our Governance for Development in Africa programme, supported by and in collaboation with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The other activities in this programme are: two  annual PhD scholarship programme for African researchers based in sub-Saharan Africa to study at SOAS on governance/development topics and an annual residential school on governance and development. Further details on these initiatives can be found at the CAS site (