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PhD Students

Haya Al -Noaimi
Haya Al-Noaimi

‘The Protectors of Our Nation’: Discourses of Protection and the Construction of Masculinities in the Qatari and Emirati Militaries

Sabiha Allouche
Sabiha Allouche

(working title) Un-doing Lebanon’s myth of ‘sexual freedom’: an empirical examination of the intimate life of non-married men and women in contemporary urban Lebanon

Alaya Forte
Alaya Forte

New forms of political inclusion or mere tokenism? Reading political representation from a gender and minority perspective in British and French government (working title)

Haje Keli
Haje Keli

An analysis of the gender-based violence in Iraqi Kurdistan – state, society and family violence [working title]

Michelle Lokot
Staff Silhouette

Gendered roles & (im)mobilities among Syrian refugees in Jordan: the implications for humanitarian practice [working title]

Ján Michalko
Ján Michalko

Female Political Elites as an Empowerment Resource: An Exploration of the ‘Role Model Effect’ in South Africa

Recently Completed PhDs: 


  • Exile from Exile: The Representation of Cultural Memory in Literary Texts by Exiled Iranian Jewish Women
  • Body and Sexuality: Narratives of two generations of Iranian women
  • 'Mirror on the wall, am I desirable at all?' Sex, pleasures and the market in postcolonial Italy
  • Female Disengagement from the Labour Market in Beirut: Structures, Strategies and Subjectivities


  • Iranian Feminisms: Transnational connectivities between homes and diasporas
  • Women’s Rights in Postcolonial States: A case study of the Institution of Wilaya over women in Jordan and Yemen
  • Intersections of Religion, Nation, and Gender: Faith Based Responses to the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines
  • Occupational Hazard or Patriarchal Entitlement? : Feminist Analysis of the Dynamics of Violence in Ethiopian Sex Work


  • Active (Dis)engagement: The Gendered Production of Political Apathy in Israel
  • In Whose Interests? The Politics of Gender Equality in Jordan
  • Guerrilla Girls: Rebellious Women of the Japanese 1960s-1970s 'Pinky Violence' Films


  • Exile from Exile: The Representation of Cultural Memory in Literary Texts by Exiled Iranian Jewish Women