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Centre for Gender Studies Degree Programmes

The SOAS Centre for Gender Studies offers a range of MA programmes. The MA in Gender Studies is our most popular degree and offers students the greatest flexibility to study a variety of subjects which do not fall within the scope of any one particular specialist programme. Our other MA programmes are specialist programmes and are centred upon clusters of expertise and research interests across CGS and SOAS.

The MA programmes are designed primarily for those wishing to study gender and sexuality at a post-graduate level regardless of the focus of their undergraduate degree. There is an option to study the MA programmes on a part-time basis over a two or three-year period and many people with extensive professional experience follow this route. While the basic structure of each of the MA programmes is identical, the specialist programs have a set of additional core courses, ensuring that students are gaining a depth of knowledge in the chosen speciality. Whichever programme students register for, they are required to undertake a 10,000 word dissertation under the supervision of a chosen faculty member. Outside the core courses specified for each MA Program, students are able to choose from a range of additional courses from a specific list of options. To view the details and structure of each of the MA Programs, please follow the links here:

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