SOAS University of London

Centre for Gender Studies

MA Dissertation Working Titles


  • The Examining of Patriarchy: The family and the state in Turkey
  • An investigation into the rights to motherhood of HIV positive women
  • Masculinities amongst the South Asian diaspora
  • Women's political movements in Kenya: Gikuyu Ideas of Nation and Gender
  • Cross-dressing/transgenderism in modern Japan
  • Working with traditional leaders on the local implementation of international laws relating to women's human rights (or women's property and inheritance rights) in rural DRC
  • Refugee livelihoods and career advancement: Iraqi women in context
  • Gendering the Iraqi diaspora in Canada: reconstruction of home and identity across generations
  • Islamic Fashions and New Media Technologies: Muslim Women and the Construction of Virtual Fashion Communities
  • Performing Refugee Identity- Narratives of Gender within Cultural Spaces in the UK. The case for Refugee Week 2011
  • Gender and Education: The Ethiopian Government's Endeavor on Attaining Gender Equality
  • The role of Rwandan women in peace building and reconciliation: How female involvement in parliamentary and judicial structures has a wider effect on female participation in larger practice
  • The Chinese Women in Contemporary China - The Urban women and rural women comparison
  • Exploration of cultural taboos surrounding women's menstruation and the impact on women's lived experience and enjoyment of rights
  • Construction of Masculinity in Urban Middle Class Youth in Karachi, Pakistan
  • Fragmented foundations: a gendered analysis of political schisms in contemporary Palestine
  • Infanticide in contemporary mainland China
  • Gendering the African diaspora in France
  • Fashion in Senegal: gender and identity
  • Does Gender Matter? Healthcare policy and planning systems in Ghana and Peru
  • The beduins of the Negev: The gender dimension
  • A never ending struggle: The shuggling of African refugees into Israel


  • Self Awareness and Social Critique in Arabic Autobiographical Genres
  • Women's Movements, Citizenship & Health Outcomes in Kenya
  • Personal Status Codes, Family Law and Feminism in Egypt and Iraq
  • Rape as a Homophobic Hate Crime: A Theoretical Approach
  • Comparing FGM in Western and non-Western Contexts
  • Women in Politics: An analysis of how women's political leadership and participation correlates to women's empowerment in Bangladesh
  • Exploring Masculinities in Pakistan
  • Reconstructing Gender Regimes through Contact Between Third-Gender and Binary Systems in Diaspora
  • Gender and Music Performance in Diaspora Space
  • Gender and Generation in the Iraqi Diaspora in London
  • The construction of body and sexuality in Iranian women's literature or in the blog sphere
  • The role of women in conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction in Lebanon
  • Examine how in colonial India new models of masculinity affected women's lives and gender roles
  • The Experience of Girls in Bangladeshi Orphanages
  • Role of education in empowering women in Bangladesh
  • Turkish Education System: Re-Production of Gender
  • Gendering Perceptions of the Refugee Camp Space amongst Palestinian Refugee Women
  • Queer identities in Malay and Indonesian popular literature - a comparative feminist reading
  • Diasporic forms of citizenship in the UK: a gender analysis of belonging and participation