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Communication and Conflict: Iraq and Syria

Communication and Conflict: Iraq and Syria

Date: 7 May 2016Time: 9:30 AM

Finishes: 7 May 2016Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: Khalili Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Conference

This one-day international conference brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines to address one of the most hotly debated topic in contemporary public life - the role of media in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, in contemporary political violence and extremism as well as in global narratives of forced migration and the related phenomena of racism and exclusionary politics in Europe and elsewhere. The papers by a variety of experts and scholars from different disciplines will use empirically-grounded analyses of specific case studies to address the dynamic relationship between communication and conflict while not ignoring socio-historical material and military contexts, the symbiotic relationship between language and culture and the selective use of language and image to legitimise actions. In doing so, the papers will move beyond Euro-centric political communication frameworks and as media-deterministic arguments that have often dominated the literature on conflict and media and that have limited our understanding of how conflicts develop and why, why they persist and what role do various actors, including state and non-state actors, play in their communication and persistence.

The conference papers will specifically address the following themes:

  1. Mediation of the Islamic State war
  2. Propaganda and public diplomacy
  3. Narrative, image, subjectivities
  4. Visual conflicts
  5. Mediated violence
  6. Forced migration
  7. Moral panics
  8. Information warfare
  9. Practises of production and consumption
  10. Witnessing conflict; changing journalism of conflict
  11. Changing journalism of conflict
  12. Images and moral journalism

Confirmed keynote speakers:

  • Philip Seib, Professor of Journalism and Public Diplomacy and Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California
  • Lilie Chouliaraki, Professor of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics

Communication and Conflict: Iraq and Syria Programme (pdf; 257kb)  

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