SOAS University of London

Centre for Global Media and Communications

PhD Completions


  • Farida Batool Syeda, "New Media, Masculinity and Mujra Dance in Pakistan." (S. Hughes)
  • Natalia Theodoridou, "After Theatre: A Critical Analysis of Performance Practices in Bali, and the Problem of Audiences." (A. Sreberny)
  • Iris Haukamp, "A foreigner's dream of Japan: Struggles over power and authenticity in a German-Japanese co-production." (I. Standish)
  • Thembi Mutch, "Women, the media and modernity in Zanzibar: Ninjas, mamas and good girls." (D. Matar)


  • Jennifer Coates, "National Crisis and the Female Image: Expressions of Trauma in Japanese Film 1945-1964" (I.Standish)
  • Duncan Harte, "Shanghai Escapade: Cinema, Anticipation and the Touristic City" (K.Latham)
  • Matti Pohjonen, "In Medias Res: the Problem of Cultural Translation of International News in Mumbai, India." (A.Sreberny)


  • Angad Chowdhry, "Representations of sexuality, consumerism and crime as objects of fear in the Indian mass media." (M.Hobart)
  • Gareth Bentley, "Journalistic Agency and the Subjective Turn in British foreign correspondent discourse." (A. Sreberny)
  • Paolo D’Urbano, “The Muslim Brotherhood and new media in Egypt”  (D. Matar)
  • Ghazal Seif, “Counter-authoritarian discourses in Egyptian blogs pre-2011” (D. Matar)
  • Lucia King, "Performance on Screen in India:Methods and relationships in non-fiction film production 1991-2011 (S. Hughes)
  • Montré Aza Missouri, "Black Magic Woman: Race, Sex and Afro-religiosity in Narrative Film" (I. Standish)


  • Ylva Rodny-Gumede, "Race and transformation of South African news media: 1994-2010” (A. Sreberny). Ylva is a Lecturer in the department of Journalism, Film and Television at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa


  • Georgina Holmes (S. Chan)
  • Ivan Kwek, “Producing Television, re-visioning Singapore Malays: An Ethnography in television production practices” (M. Hobart)
  • Meenu Gaur


  • Nacim Pak-Shiraz, “Shi’ism and film:Religion and spirituality in Iranian cinema” (A. Sreberny)
    Nacim is lecturer in Persian and Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh: Shi‘i Islam in Iranian Cinema: Religion and Spirituality in Film, IBTauris, 2011
  • Emma Freedman, “Foreign correspondents, agency and the Second Intifada” (A. Sreberny)
  • Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad, “The Politics of Cinema under the Islamic Republic” (A. Sreberny) The Politics of Iranian Cinema, Routledge, 2009. Teaches at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, and in the Centre for Media Studies at SOAS
  • Somnath Batabyal, “News Television practices in India Television: An ethnography of Star News and Star Ananda”, (A. Sreberny) 2009. Making News in India, Routledge, 2012. Currently a lecturer in the Centre for Media and Film Studies at SOAS.
  • Wendy Willems, “Imagining the power of the media: global news, nationalism and popular culture in the context of the 'Zimbabwe crisis', 2000-2007” (M. Hobart). Wendy is a lecturer in the Department of Media at LSE
  • Silke Niehusmann, “Manga: lost in translation?” (D. Martinez)
  • Luke Robinson, "Xianchang: On Location with China's New Documentary Film Movement" (K. Latham). Luke is a lecturer in the Film and TV Studies Institute, Nottingham University
  • Christopher Howard