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London is one of the great media capitals of the world and has an unparalleled variety of print and broadcast media, film venues and libraries, and media and film industries.

Many international broadcasters, newspapers and film distributors have offices here. The London film festival is a major event, with countless other festivals and celebrations of cultural diversity throughout the year. Community and alternative media abound and transnational and local NGOs are actively present.


  • SOAS is the only institution in the UK with an unrivalled concentration of disciplinary, linguistic and cultural courses on Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and has a staff-student body comprising more than 100 nationalities.
  • The Centre for Media Studies is one of the few institutions in the world which specializes in the study of both non-Western media and film, which is recognized as a crucial aspect of globalization.
  • The Library houses a major collection of books and journals on world music, and a substantial archive of audio-visual materials on Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
  • The School has satellite facilities which enable access to a wide range of non-Western television channels. We have a dedicated multimedia suite and are further developing capability in multimedia and video production, designed to support our new PhD with practical component, in collaboration with Insight.
  • The Centre has shared courses with the main colleges in the University of London specializing in media and film, and is a member of the University of London Screen Studies Group.
  • Staff members have strong international profiles and enjoy close ties with leading universities in Asia, the Middle East and Africa which specialize in media, communications and film studies.
  • We run weekly research seminars which bring in leading academics, media and film practitioners and activists. We host a wide variety of special conferences, film viewings and numerous special events. We also support student initiatives such as the collective Sacred Media Cow.
  • We have an international consultative panel on media and film comprising leading figures from both media and film industries and the academic world.
Virtual Learning Environment

Following a general trend in respect to provision of content on university websites most of the materials available to our students are now located within the school's Bloomsbury Learning Environment (BLE).

If you study or work in one of the London universities that is part of the Bloomsbury Consortium, you can join the SOAS Media Centre's network by sending an e-mail to