SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Orders: Annex V: Research and Enterprise Committee

Annex V Research & Enterprise Committee

Research & Enterprise Committee is a sub-committee of Academic Board.  It is required to report to Academic Board on a termly basis.  It also has a responsibility to liaise with other committees and to keep them informed as necessary.


The membership of Research & Enterprise Committee will comprise

  • Chair:
    • Pro-Director (Research & Enterprise)
  • Ex-officio Members:
    • Head of Doctoral School
    • Director of Library & Learning Services
    • Director of Research & Enterprise
    • Director of Academic Services
  • Other Members:
    • Pro-Director(s)
    • Associate Directors for Research (or equivalent)
    • 1 academic representative from each Department nominated by that Department
    • 2 doctoral researchers nominated by the Students' Union Executive Committee


The Registrar and Secretary (COO) will nominate a Secretary.  The Committee will normally hold three ordinary meetings per annum.

Panels & Groups

Research & Enterprise Committee will have the following Panel and Groups reporting to it:

  • Research Ethics Panel
  • Doctoral School Management Group
  • REF Steering Group

It may delegate activities and authorities to these Panel and Groups, as appropriate, but retains overall responsibility for these.

Terms of Reference

Research & Enterprise Committee will have the following terms of reference:

  • To consider strategic planning and policy development matters relating to research and enterprise, and to provide reports for and make recommendations to Academic Board and other committees as appropriate;
  • To oversee the development of a Research & Enterprise Strategy in the context of the School’s Vision and Strategy and the School’s other sub-strategies;
  • To monitor the overall delivery of the Research & Enterprise Strategy and to review it on an annual basis, recommending changes as appropriate;
  • To ensure that the Research & Enterprise Strategy contains Performance Indicators and targets and to periodically monitor their delivery, together with metrics for ongoing research assessment exercises;
  • To make regular reports to Academic Board regarding the delivery or otherwise of the PIs and targets set in the Research & Enterprise Strategy;
  • To make an annual report to Academic Board regarding the overall delivery of the Research & Enterprise Strategy;
  • To advise Academic Board and Resources & Planning Committee on business links, intellectual property and the commercial implications of research and knowledge transfer;
  • To consider matters relating to the establishment, monitoring and closure of individual Research Centres;
  • To advise Academic Development Committee on the development and delivery of those areas of the Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Strategy which relate to research degrees and the quality of the School's provision for research students;
  • To oversee the development and implementation of procedures to monitor and maintain the quality and standards of research degrees in accordance with internal and external frameworks and requirements, and to consider the outcomes of such procedures;
  • To consider, and where appropriate to advise Academic Board and other committees on
  • Strategic planning and policy development matters which directly affect provision to research students;
  • The implications of research student numbers and completion rates for the external assessment and funding of research in the School generally;
  • To advise the School on ethical matters relating to the School’s research in accordance with the School’s ethics policy and related procedures.