SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Orders XXII: Reserved Powers of the Board of Trustees

XXII Reserved Powers of the Board of Trustees

Within the responsibility set out in the Statement of Primary Responsibilities (Standing Order XXI) there are some areas which only the Board of Trustees itself rules. These are known as ‘Reserved Powers’, and are as follows:

A. Governance

  1. To agree proposed changes to the School’s Charter and Articles.
  2. To approve Standing Orders.
  3. To approve the appointment of the Board of Trustees members, and the appointment of the Board of Trustees members and of persons external to the School where appropriate, to the membership of the Board of Trustees committees.
  4. To approve arrangements for the control and use of the School Seal.

B. Strategic planning

  1. To approve the School’s overall Strategic Plan.
  2. To approve those strategies and sub-strategies as determined by Executive Board in consultation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and agree institutional Key Performance Indicators for those strategies/sub-strategies. Executive Board and the Chair of the Board of Trustees will agree the appropriate route through the committee structure for those strategies/sub-strategies which do not require the Board of Trustees approval.
  3. To approve for submission to the sector regulator: 
  • the Annual Assurance Return
  • the audited Financial Statements
  • the Financial Commentary
  • the Audit Committee Annual Report
  • the External Auditors' Report and Management Letter
  • the Internal Auditors' Annual Report
  • the Annual Complaints Report
  • the Prevent Return
  • and any other such mandatory returns as shall be determined from time to time.

C. Financial stewardship

  1. To approve the annual budget.
  2. To approve changes in investments above the level specified in the Financial Regulations.
  3. To approve any borrowing by the School.
  4. To approve the Financial Regulations.

D. Audit and risk management

  1. To approve the audited accounts.
  2. To approve the appointment of the School’s External and Internal Auditors and bankers.
  3. To approve the School’s risk register.

E. Students

  1. To approve the constitution of the SOAS Students’ Union and to approve the Code of Practice between the School and the SOAS Students’ Union.
  2. To approve the Students’ Union budget and receive the audited accounts.

F. Health and Safety

  1. To approve the School’s Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.

G. Estates management and capital projects

  1. To approve the sale, purchase and lease of School land and buildings.
  2. To approve building and other capital projects, normally through approval of the School’s capital expenditure programme.

H. Employment

  1. To approve procedures and recommendations to make academic staff redundancies.
  2. To appoint the Director, the Pro-Directors, the Registrar and the Secretary (who is also normally the Clerk to the Board of Trustees).

I. Equality and Diversity

  1. To ensure that the School has processes for the promotion of equality of opportunity and the elimination of unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation.