SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Orders XXV: Register of Interests

XXV Register of Interests

The Board of Trustees has agreed that a Register of Members’ Interests should be compiled and updated on an annual basis.  This Register extends to internal and external members of the Board of Trustees, Resources & Planning Committee, Estates & IT Governance Development Committee, Audit Committee and Executive Board.  The Register will also extend to all Directors of Professional Services.  This information will be held in the Legal and Governance Directorate and will be available for inspection.

There is a general duty on all members of the Board of Trustees and its Committees to disclose at the earliest practical opportunity any financial or other beneficial interests they or any close associate or any organisation in which they hold office of employment may have in any transaction and consideration between the School and a third party.  The circumstances in which such a declaration is appropriate are when the Board of Trustees or any of its Committees has business which is relevant to those interests or when in the course of a meeting the member becomes aware that they have or may have a financial or other beneficial interest in a specific item of business to be transacted.

The proper manner of indicating a conflict or potential conflict of interest is to inform the Registrar & Secretary (COO) in advance of the meeting or to draw it to the attention of the Chair of the meeting as the member becomes aware of a conflict during the course of discussion.

The non-disclosure of interest, if established as material to the business of the Board of Trustees or its Committees, may lead to action by the Board of Trustees including removal from office.