SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Order: Annex I: Academic Senate

Annex I Academic Senate

Academic Senate reports to the Academic Board


The membership of the Senate will comprise:

  • Chair:
    • Elected from the Senate membership
  • Ex-officio Members:
    • Director
    • Members:
    • All academic staff Grade 7 or above
  • Observers:
    • Members of the Board of Trustees
    • All professional services staff Grade 5 or above

The secretary will be appointed by the Registrar

Terms of Reference

The committee will have the following terms of reference:

  1. To consider matters referred to it by Academic Board, Executive Board or 50 of its membership, regarding academic policy and institutional strategy
  2. To provide academic input in to key School issues and feed this back to Academic Board, Executive Board or the Board of Trustees
  3. To report annually to the Board of Trustees
  4. To elect a Chair of Academic Senate from its membership
  5. To convene an Agenda Steering Group; comprised of the Senate Chair (as Chair), the Director and one additional elected Academic Board member
  6. To elect from its membership a certain number of Academic Board members. The number of Academic Board members so elected (including the Senate Chair who will serve as an AB member) will equal the number of Heads of Department and Associate Deans on Academic Board.
    1. Members elected will include four ‘reserved’ seats, namely (i) at least two members drawn from Area Studies departments and (ii) at least two representatives of Languages.
    2. Of these elected members, at least four will not be Professors.
    3. Elections from the Senate to the following session’s AB will be conducted electronically prior to the Senate’s meeting in Term 3. Candidates may nominate themselves and include a statement of up to 150 words in support of their nomination. Votes for ‘reserved’ seats and non-professorial staff will be counted first, followed by a general count to fill the remaining positions.
    4. In the event that an elected Senate member of AB consistently fails to attend AB meetings (e.g. more than 50% in an academic year), the Chair can recommend that the member stand down, triggering an election.
  7. To undertake a ballot of its full membership via electronic voting.
  8. To remit matters to Academic Board and/or Executive Board for reconsideration or amendment with the agreement of the majority of a quorate meeting. The Senate may only do this once in respect of a specific matter