SOAS University of London

SOAS Standing Order V: Health and Safety Committee

V Health, Safety & Security Committee

Health, Safety & Security Committee reports to the Board of Trustees.


The membership of the Health, Safety & Security Committee will comprise:

  • Chair:
    • A member of staff, appointed by the Board of Trustees (normally the Deputy Chief Operating Officer Resources and Planning)
  • Ex-officio Members
    • Director Legal and Governance
    • Director of Estates & Property Services
    • A member of staff from the Human Resources Directorate nominated by Director Human Resources
    • Health & Safety Manager
  • Other Members:
    • All Academic and Directorate Safety Representatives
    • 1 member of academic staff nominated by Research & Enterprise Committee
    • 1 representative from each of the recognised Trades Unions
    • 1 enrolled student nominated by the Students’ Union Executive Committee

The Registrar will nominate a Secretary.  The Committee will normally hold three ordinary meetings per annum.

Terms of Reference

The Health, Safety & Security Committee will have the following terms of reference:

  1. To propose and consider policy changes with respect to the health, safety, security and welfare of School staff (including contractors and outsourced workers), students, visitors and of other persons who may be affected by work carried out within or external to the School or as part of the School’s activities (including external fieldwork activities carried out in both the United Kingdom and overseas).  The term ‘health and safety’ will include the School's security provision, fire arrangements and occupational health service;
  2. To monitor implementation of health and safety policies and codes of practice and to propose changes as necessary;
  3. To advise the Board of Trustees through the Secretary on health and safety implications of School strategies and plans, including those relating to the development of the Estate;
  4. To provide an annual report of the Committee’s activities and recommendations to the Board of Trustees;
  5. To monitor compliance with current health and safety and related legislation;
  6. To keep under review current, emerging and potential challenges in relation to health and safety in the external environment that could have impact on School activities (including proposed changes to legislation), discuss the implications and provide advice on possible responses and implement change where appropriate;
  7. To monitor the School’s health and safety risk management strategies;
  8. To advise the Board of Trustees through the Secretary on the management of risks in relation to health and safety and monitor actions taken to minimise these risks;
  9. To provide input into the School’s emergency and business continuity planning;
  10. To review accidents, incidents, hazardous occurrences, sickness absence and ill health (including stress) related to work undertaken by staff, students and visitors, and to ensure corrective action is undertaken and consider implications for strategy, policy or practice;
  11. To ensure appropriate health and safety training is provided and to monitor its effectiveness;
  12. To provide guidance to managers, other staff, students and visitors about policy and practice concerning health and safety;
  13. To keep under review the provision of information and communication of health and safety information;
  14. To consider reports from the management representatives, Union safety representatives, staff and student representatives and any other appropriate bodies, including any audit or inspection reports.