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SOAS Standing Order XVI: Appointment Procedures for Heads of Department and Associate Directors

XVI Appointment Procedures for Heads of Department and Associate Directors

All recruitment, selection and appointment processes will be undertaken in a manner which is consistent with the School’s Equal Opportunities Policy and best practice.

Heads of Department

1. Heads of Department will normally serve for a term of four years, renewable once subject to consultation.

2. To fill any vacancy, each Department will select a nominee or nominees for Head at least six months in advance. The process should include a formal call for applications from academic staff (G9+) at SOAS, based on the Heads’ job description and person specification and an opportunity for all members of staff in the Department to come to a shared view on their preferred nominee or nominees.

3. The Director will arrange for interviews with nominated candidates following normal selection procedures for senior academic posts. The appointment panel will normally include the Director, a lay Member of the Board of Trustees, another Head of Department, and one other senior member of staff from the Department.

(a) If a Department is unable to select a nominee for Head of Department, or the Appointment Panel is unable to confirm a candidate from those nominated, the Department will be invited to put forward an alternative candidate, re-open nominations, or put a request to the Executive Board that an extra post is approved to allow for external recruitment of a Head. In the event of external recruitment, the Job Descriptions and Person Specifications for both a professorial post in the Department and the Head of Department role would apply.

4. Heads of Department will be issued with a formal letter of appointment and a list of responsibilities and duties. In carrying out these responsibilities and duties Heads of Department will receive an honorarium.

Associate Directors

1. Associate Directors will normally serve for a term of three years, renewable once for a further two years, subject to consultation as detailed below.

2. The Director will invite applications from members of academic staff.

3. The Director will consult, in confidence, with Heads of Department, concerning the appointment or reappointment of an Associate Director.  

4. If more than one candidate is being considered for a post, interviews will be arranged by the Director.  The interview panel will consist of the Director, one Pro-Director and one Head of Department.

5. After this process has been completed, a recommendation will be made to Executive Board.  If Executive Board approves the nomination, the Associate Director will be issued with a formal letter of appointment and the list of responsibilities and duties.  Academic Board will note the outcome.

6. In carrying out these responsibilities and duties, Associate Directors will receive an honorarium.