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SOAS Standing Orders XXVII: The Students' Union

XXVII The Students' Union

The formation of a “Students’ Union” (as defined by section 20 of the Education Act 1994) shall be recognised by the School. The School is a chartered corporation and the Students’ Union (SU) is an Unincorporated Association of its members and a registered charity, which is regulated by its own Constitution and the Charity Commission. The two are therefore separate and distinct.  However, there is a statutory duty (under the Education Act 1994) on the School’s Board of Trustees to ensure that the SU conducts itself in a fair and democratic manner and is accountable for its finances.

As required by the Education Act 1994, the SU Constitution is revised and is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees at intervals of not more than five years.  The School brings to the attention of all students once a year in the Student Handbooks a Code of Practice as to the manner in which the requirements of the Education Act 1994 and the Education Act (No 2) Act 1986 (section 43, c.61) are met in relation to the SU at SOAS.

The following documents regulate the activities of the Students’ Union in compliance with the Education Act 1994:

(a) Students’ Union Constitution;

(b) Students’ Union: Code of Practice;

(c) Financial Memorandum between the School and the Students’ Union.