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Graduation: on the day

Find out everything you need to know about Gradation day.

If you need to know where to book tickets, order your gown, photos or Ceremony DVD, or anything else prior to the Ceremony, go to the Preparing for Graduation page.

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Please see our Access Guide for more information.

When to arrive

Morning Ceremony Wednesday 26 July
Registration opens 8:00am; Graduands must be seated by 9:30am

Afternoon Ceremony Wednesday 26 July
Registration opens 1:00pm; Graduands must be seated by 2:30pm

Morning Ceremony Thursday 27 July
Registration opens 8:00am; Graduands must be seated by 9:30am

Afternoon Ceremony Thursday 27 July
Registration opens 1:00pm; Graduands must be seated by 2:30pm

Morning Ceremony Ceremony Friday 28 July
Registration opens 8:00am; Graduands must be seated by 9:30am

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Arriving and registering

Our ceremonies take place next door to SOAS in Logan Hall in the Institute of Education. If you make your way to SOAS, someone will direct you to the venue.

Pick up your tickets on the day at the Registration Desk in Clarke Hall. You’ll need to bring proof of your ticket purchase and some photo ID (like your student card, driving license or passport).

Registration and gowning can take up to 1.5 hours, so make sure you arrive in good time. We’ve listed the times above – everyone must be in their seats in the auditorium for the Ceremony.

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Getting to the Ceremony

Our Travel page gives you plenty of information on how to get to SOAS by tube, rail, bus and car (including parking).

See our Access Guide for detailed information on disabled access. 

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Bringing guests

Guests with tickets for Logan Hall should be seated by the following times:

  • Morning Ceremony Wednesday 26 July: 9.30am
Afternoon Ceremony Wednesday 26 July: 2.30pm
  • Morning Ceremony Thursday 27 July: 9.30am
  • Afternoon Ceremony Thursday 27 July: 2.30pm
  • Morning Ceremony Friday 28 July: 9.30pm

Guests who have tickets for the Viewing Suite can come in at any time. Children under 6 are allowed in the Viewing Suite, but they must be with a responsible adult.

Accommodation for guests

Unfortunately, we can’t provide accommodation for guests during Graduation.

But there is a wide choice of hotels around SOAS and the Institute of Education. We recommend searching online for the best deals. Or try our Hotels Near SOAS page as a starting point.

To help you narrow your search, try searching in Bloomsbury and Euston (though the West End isn’t very far by bus or tube either).

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You’ll be able to collect your pre-ordered gowns, including hoods and mortar boards, on the day of your Ceremony. Make sure you allow plenty of time for this, as there’ll be many other fellow graduands being fitted too.

Gowning takes place in Jeffrey Hall, level one of the Institute of Education.

Please make sure you return your gown to Ede and Ravenscroft before you leave SOAS.

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Photography and Graduation DVD

There’ll be professional photographers and videographers on the day. See our Photography and Graduation DVD page for more details and to order your photos and Ceremony DVDs if you haven’t already done so.

The London Borough of Camden has prohibited flash photography within the Logan Hall, and unauthorised video recording of the Graduation Ceremony is strictly prohibited.

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The Ceremony

The Ceremony lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Here’s how it will run.

1. At Registration you will be given your ticket with your name and seat number on it. Without this ticket you cannot be presented. We’ll then check to make sure you are in your proper place for presentation.

2. A member of the Graduation team will tell you when to leave your seat and proceed to the platform for presentation. Once your name is read out, walk to the middle of the platform and shake hands with the President. Then proceed to the far side of the platform and follow your line of graduands back to your seat.

3. We ask that guests and graduands stand when the platform procession enters and leaves the Hall. We also ask that you remain standing until the last member of the Procession has left the Hall. Somebody will then lead you from the Hall by the Bedell at the end of the Ceremony.

After the Ceremony, you and your guests can make your way out of the building to the Meet and Greet area, between the Institute of Education and SOAS.

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Your degree certificates will be posted to your home address – you will not receive your certificate at the Graduation Ceremony.

The name on your certificate will be your official name – the same as on the ID you showed at enrolment.

Please make sure your name and address are up to date on our records, otherwise you might not receive your certificate. Read more in our Transcripts and Certificates page.

If you have changed your name, please bring evidence of your new name (eg, your passport, driving license, deed poll or marriage certificate) to the Registry and fill out a change of name form. 

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Reception and after the Ceremony

After the Ceremony, you can meet up with your guests in the designated Meet and Greet area outside the Institute of Education – the area between the IOE and SOAS. The reception begins as soon as the Ceremony finishes.

The reception

Graduates, guests and staff members are all invited to Torrington Square, between Birkbeck and the Main College Building, for the reception. The price is included in your ticket, so take your ticket with you and make sure you’re wearing your wristband too.

You can also buy separate reception tickets on the day (for those who don’t have Ceremony tickets) for £15.

Allergy advice

At the reception, we try to accommodate all dietary needs, and label everything clearly. If you have any allergy worries, one of the waiting staff will be able to help. 

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You’ll be able to buy SOAS Merchandise from a stall outside the main SOAS College Building after each Ceremony. There’s other merchandise in the Students' Union shop, on the ground level of the main College Building.

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Making the most of your day

Many people like to extend the day by including either lunch or dinner in their plans. There are lots of great areas and places to eat locally – and more broadly around London.

As a guide the Ceremony lasts approximately 1.5 hours and you can enjoy drinks and light refreshments at the reception for two hours after the end of the Ceremony.

If you plan to enjoy lunch or dinner in town with your friends and family, we recommend booking in advance, as there’ll be many people graduating and possibly doing the same.

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Check List

• Photo ID
• Proof of your Ceremony ticket purchase
• Proof of gown hire order with Ede & Ravenscroft
• Hair grips for securing your mortar board
• Safety pins for securing your hood
• Camera
• Accommodation if you have guests coming from afar
• Booking at a restaurant if you plan to have lunch or dinner

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Alumni information

Head to our new Alumni ( site to learn more about how you can carry on your connection with SOAS beyond graduation.

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