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Careers Service

Are you unsure what sector you’d like to work in following your studies? Unsure what your skills are or what you’re ‘good at’? It’s very normal to be unsure of which route to take when you leave University and the Careers Service is here to help you narrow down (or broaden!) your ideas to let you decide which next steps to take.

From the immediate to the long-term future, our 'Start thinking' and 'Career planning' sections are great starting points to get you in the right headspace to consider where you want your career to go! 

Remember, the Careers Service isn't just here for people that 'know' what they want to do. We're here to help even when you have no clue which next steps to take!

Start thinking

Not sure where to even start thinking about what you want to do after studying? Our Start Thinking section is full of resources to help you explore your options and figure out your choices. 

Career planning

Explore a huge range of sectors, job roles, progression and career options using your degree with our Career Planning section.