SOAS University of London

Health and Safety

COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health)

There are a number of potentially hazardous substances which SOAS staff may come into contact with.

These substances will mainly be used by campus services staff who manage a variety of services throughout SOAS. 

Under the COSHH regulations of 2002 we are required to ensure that any chemicals used at SOAS are appropriately risk assessed, correctly stored, that those using them are sufficiently trained in their use and conversant in how to manage any emergency that may arise as a result of their use. We are also required to ensure that a material safety data sheet (MSDS) is available for each chemical substance on SOAS premises. 

COSHH awareness training is provided for staff as appropriate, with the use of chemicals within SOAS premises being supervised by members of the Estates and Facilities team. The SOAS health and safety team will periodically audit COSHH arrangements to ensure best practice is being adhered to.

*Any staff or students that may be required to use potentially harmful chemicals on an ad hoc basis, should first contact the Health and Safety manager for further guidance *