SOAS University of London

Health and Safety

Accident Reporting, First Aid and Defibrillators

Requesting a First Aider

You should call SOAS Reception on extension 555 to report and accident and request a first aider, alternatively you can call one of the first aiders direct from the list below. In addition all Bouygues reception and security staff are trained first aiders should you need assistance outside of normal office hours.

SOAS also has Automated External Defibrillators onsite, the names of individuals trained in the use of AEDs can be found on the first aid list.

Reporting an Accident

If you need to report an accident please use the Online Health and Safety Incident Report Form

SOAS First Aid List Updated March 2017  

Security staff are also first aid trained. 

*Trained Defibrillator Users

College Buildings
Mr Simon Rofe* 4409 4548 
Ms Lisa McSweeney* 354 4080 
Ms Simone Green 330 4025 
Ms Jeanne Spencer* R201 4473 
Mr Duncan Franklin 100 4820 
Ms Emma Jessup 115 4018 
Mr Harris Laspas* 130 4104 
Mr Kobir Ahmed E13 (Library) 4862 
Vicky Bird* C2 (Library) 4147
Mr Val Siama* Library Issue Desk 4190 
Ms Catherine Farinhas-Gray 250 4479 
Ms Renata Albuquerque* RG01 4745 
Ms Payal Gaglani-Bhatt G1 4073 
Ms Nikki Whitelock G1 4054 
Mr Pedro Faris Da Silva Main Reception 4912 
Ms Samantha Treasure 4437 4831 
Ms Dorinne Tin Ming Kaw* R101 4706 
Mr Paul O’Kane IFCELS 
Paul Webley Wing, Senate House

Contact SHNB Reception or Security 5135 or 5134 

Brunei Gallery

Currently no qualified members of staff at Brunei Gallery. Security staff are trained.

21/22 Russell Square

Currently no qualified members of staff at 21/22 Russell Square. Security staff are trained.

23/24 Russell Square (Faber Building)
Ms Alka Bhanderi FB08 4471 
Mr Wilbur Moser* FG05 4078 
53 Gordon Square (Doctoral School)
Cushla Prescott GS305 020 7074 5117 

36 Gordon Square (LIDC)

First aid managed by LIDC staff.