SOAS University of London

Health and Safety

Accidents and First Aid

All accidents, incidents and near misses should be reported.
We are legally obliged to report all accidents, whether the accident is minor or serious. We are also obliged to report damage to property and near misses. We report and record accidents to enable us to investigate them and hopefully prevent such occurrences from happening again in the future. The reporting of accidents also allows us to identify any unwanted trends that may be developing and allows us to put in place the appropriate measures to address this.
To report an accident please use the online form found on this page, once you have completed this form it will automatically be sent to the health and safety team for further investigation.
In addition under the RIDDOR 2013 regulations, we are required to report to the Health and Safety Executive any of the following examples:
• Any person that dies or suffers major injury as a result of or in connection with work
• Any fracture (excluding those to fingers, thumbs or toes)
• Any amputation
• A dislocation of shoulder, hip, knee or spine
• Loss of sight
• Chemical or hot metal burn
• Any injury leading to hypothermia, heat induced illness or unconsciousness
• Where someone has been resuscitated
• Admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours
• Where a person at work is incapacitated for 7 consecutive days or more
RIDDOR incidents will be reported to the HSE as appropriate, our HR team will also assist the H&S manager by informing them of any accident at work that has led to a member of staff being incapacitated for 7 consecutive days or more.

First Aid (in accordance with Health and Safety First Aid Regs 1981)
The 3 main benefits of first aid are:
• Preservation of life
• Prevention of deterioration
• Treatment of minor injuries
You can use the Listed First Aiders document on this page to familiarise yourself with your nearest first aider, the list can also be found on the health and safety notice board outside the SCR. Should you need to, you can also call reception on 555 who will arrange for a first aider to be sent to you. In addition all Bouygues reception and security staff are trained first aiders should you need assistance outside of normal office hours.
SOAS also has Automated External Defibrillators onsite, the names of individuals trained in the use of AEDs can be found on the first aid list.