SOAS University of London

Health and Safety

Maintenance and Electrical

Maintenance at SOAS is carried out by members of our campus services team or appointed contractors. Our in house team not only maintain the building fabric but also the gas (using only GAS SAFE trained and registered workers) and electrical installations (in accordance with the Electricity at work Regs 1989 and BS7671) as well as cleaning and re-decoration of all SOAS sites.

Any pressure vessels used at SOAS must comply with the provisions of the (Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000) concerning construction and examination

All plant and equipment is also maintained by our campus services team. Any equipment used by our team or external contractors must comply with (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998). Any use of ladders must be conducted in within the parameters of the (Working at Height Regulations 2005) Electrical equipment which is purchased or hired by the School or its contractors must comply with the standards of the British Standards Institute.

Toilets, washing facilities and drinking water are provided and maintained throughout the campus in line with the Workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulations 1992.

We instruct contractors to maintain our fire safety provisions  Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005 ) as well as all lifting equipment (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998)  present on SOAS sites.

We also instruct specialist contractors to manage and maintain our water systems in accordance with ACOP L8 (please refer to Legionella section for more information).

Portable appliance testing is carried out periodically across all SOAS premises for electrical assets owned by SOAS.  Should staff wish to bring in their own personal items, such as phone/laptop charges, desk fans, lamps or kettles,  they should ensure that they contact  campus services to have their item(s) PAT tested. The cost for this service may be charged back to the respective department.

*Please note that Items such as portable heaters, power converters, irons, trouser presses and cooking apparatus are not permitted on SOAS premises. Portable heaters can be issued by the estates department for temporary use during situations such as a failing of the heating system*

Students wishing to plug in their own portable electrical appliances must not leave this equipment unattended while in use, unless there is evidence, such as an attached label, to indicate that the item has been subjected to testing by a competent person.

Staff and students must not attempt to repair or make alterations to electrical equipment or remove permanently fixed covers from appliances.

Users of electrical equipment are encouraged to look critically at the equipment to check for signs that it may not be in sound condition. For example:

  • Damage to the casing, cable sheath or plug;
  • Inadequate joints in the cable;
  • Equipment exposed to inappropriate conditions (e.g. wet);
  • Evidence of overheating.

Equipment should be switched off, and unplugged, when not in use and before cleaning or fitting new parts.

Where possible it is preferable that staff who are required to use power tools outside, use battery operated or RLV (reduced low voltage) equipment.