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History, Religions and Philosophies PhD Students

Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Kwok Fai Law
Kwok Fai LAW

Negotiating Colonialism: British enterprises and the making of working class culture in Shanghai, 1927-1949 [working title]

Daisy Livingston
Daisy Livingston

Archival practices in the medieval Arabic lands. Documents and archives at the centre and periphery in Egypt and Syria: institutional, communal, and private practices in a diverse literate society.

Nobuaki Takase
Staff Silhouette

Mutsu Munemitsu and British Influence on Japanese Modern Nation Building in the Nineteenth Century

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Yingzi Wang
Staff Silhouette

Working title: From “Ancestral Home” to “China’s North-East” The Transition of Manchuria into an integral part of “China” in early twentieth century

Department of Religions and Philosophies, School of History, Religions and Philosophies

Aruna Gamage
Aruba Goigoda Gamage

Buddhaghosa’s Critique of Divergent Buddhist Views: A Doctrinal Study Mainly Based on Pāli Commentarial Exegesis

Monika Hirmer
Monika Hirmer

Becoming the Goddess: Study of a Contemporary South Indian Tantric Tradition and its Implications for Concepts of Personhood, Gender Relations and Everyday Life

Keith Jarrett
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[working title] Led By the Spirit: Navigating the fragments of ‘Oneness’ Pentecostalism in London’s migrant Caribbean congregations

Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight

“Oath of the Leaning Cross” and the Rejection of Rome’s Authority: a Re-evaluation of the History of the Syrian Christians of Kerala in the year 1653

Yael Shiri
Yale Shiri

The Identity of the Śākya Clan as a Mirror of Buddhist Identity in Ancient South Asia (working title)

Meng Wang
Staff Silhouette

The Life of the Sixteenth Karmapa and His Role in the Tibetan Buddhist Transmission to North America and Unitied Kingdom