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Donkey Conference - collected papers from previous conferences

Jill Bough [University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia] [2005]
‘Feral’ donkeys in Western Australia: The Judas Collar program

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Charles Dalli [University of Malta] [2005]
The rise and fall of the donkey: the Central Mediterranean islands

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Andrew B. Rosenfeld [Mount St. Mary’s University] [2005]
The cantes muleros and the traditional musical festivals of the Alpujarras

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John Barker [Independent researcher] [2012]
Donkeys and mules in the ‘New World’

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Paolo Polidori and Silvia Vincenzetti [School of Pharmacy, Univ. of Camerino, Italy; School of Veterinary Medical Sciences, Univ. of Camerino, Italy] [2012]
Nutritional qualities of donkey milk

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Roger Blench [Kay Williamson Educational Foundation] [2012]
Wild asses and donkeys in Africa: interdisciplinary evidence for their bio-geography, history and current use

[Revised version of original paper]

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