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A Keyhole Glimpse of Urban Elite in Dadaocheng and Deptford in the Long Nineteenth Century

Niki Alsford, SOAS

Date: 24 April 2014Time: 5:00 PM

Finishes: 24 April 2014Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: 4429

Type of Event: Seminar

Running from 1789 to 1914, the long nineteenth century saw the significant expansion of both Deptford in South East London and the market town of Dadaocheng in northern Taiwan. A factor that unites the two can arguably be found in the people who had resided in the two districts during this period. Defined as “urban gentry,” the more notable residents of the two distinctive regions come together through three following factors: access to resources, networking, and discursive construction. For the most part, this paper concerns itself with the exchange of people, materials, and/or ideas across spaces, whether through migration or trade. Particularly with regards to the Dadaocheng residents, special attention is paid not only on the construction of social history in port-cities in late-nineteenth century Taiwan, but also in terms of the social division that existed within in each given region, whether this was rural-urban, centre-periphery, or metropole-diaspora. By placing appropriate focus on the flow of communication, this paper explores how landscape shaped the historical relations and interconnectivities that existed in the experiences of both places.

Organiser: Dr. Andrea Janku

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