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Student Profiles

Some of the things our students and alumni have said about us:

Simge Erdogan, Boğaziçi University

Erasmus Programme

HI-Simge Erdogan

SOAS is more than a university, it is a lifestyle. Every moment I spent at SOAS was a memory and every memory at SOAS was unforgettable.

Teuku Reza Fadeli
Teuku Reza Fadeli

At SOAS, I have learnt how to read a variety of texts critically and analytically and then to write about them in engaging ways.

Sumaiya Fatine
Sumaiya Fatine

The passion of the staff and the students is almost palpable.

Suzanne Jacobson, Hamilton College

Study Abroad Programme

Suzanne Jacobson

It’s important to remember that your time here is limited and that you should take advantage of all of the opportunities that this experience has to offer, whether it’s meeting new people, wandering the streets, visiting a museum, or travelling to new countries.

Sehrish Javid
Sehrish Javid

The teaching has been passionate and engaging with a level of expertise hard to find elsewhere.

Stephanie Koch

BA Mandarin Chinese & History

Stephanie Koch

I came to study at SOAS because of its good reputation in Mandarin Chinese.

Dominic Stephen Poon
Dominic Poon

The unparalleled opportunity to focus on the history of certain world regions instantly made SOAS my first university choice.

Philip Kowalski

MA History

HIS - PG - 2016 - Philip Kowalski - MA History - 240, 186, 165, 56 images

The academics teaching my history course have been fantastic.