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Annotated Bibliography

The Bibliography, which is currently being updated, consists of two sections: one includes annotations of published material from books, journals and reports - both general and regional - from several countries (Africa, the Americas, Europe, Middle East/North Africa and Asia/South Asia), and the other consists of case summaries. Both can be downloaded from the links on the right.

It aims to assist those working to combat crimes of 'honour' by facilitating research and the development of strategies of response. To that purpose, we invite and would warmly welcome comments from users as to how it might be improved. We also welcome  suggestions for additions to the bibliography, as it is clearly not exhaustive, and we intend to add further items at regular intervals to increase its usefulness as a tool for advocacy and research.

Any suggestions for additions to the bibliography (indicating where such materials might be located) should be sent to: with 'additions to bibliography' as the subject title. Also, we should underline that the annotations are the work of the project, not of the cited authors of the various items. If any of the authors (or others) feels that we have misunderstood the substance of the piece, or perhaps missed out critical points, please do contact us at the email above with corrections and we will ensure that the annotation is amended accordingly.

We would like to acknowledge the work of Sanchita Hosali, Research Assistant, as well as Fouzia Khan and Samia Bano, former Research Assistants on the Project, in producing this bibliography in its earlier versions, and that of Libera Chiara D’Acunto, CIMEL intern, for the current (2013) update, along with Rupa Reddy for suggestions for additions. 

We would also like to acknowledge Amnesty International for annotations of their reports on honour killings in Pakistan and to thank the International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC) and the University of Minnesota Human Rights Centre for placing the early versions of the bibliography on their websites. Thanks also go to the following people who have volunteered in preparing annotations, researching cases and articles, and suggesting further sources during the different phases through which the Bibliography has passed to date:

Faten Abbar, Zina Al-Askari, Saad Alami, Furkan Ali, Madiha Azeem, Cassandra Balchin, Mashaer Bashir-Ali, Andrea Nahal Behrouz, Sanghmitra Bhutani, Christina Brandt-Young, Zara Farooqui, Jonathan Faulker, Danila Genovese, Daniela Gomes, Leyla Gulcur, Connie Hackbarth, Attia Jamil, Nurcan Kaya, Sania Khan, Nazia Kosar, Ana Paula Linhares, Lisa Malesky, Naz Modirzadeh, Elaine Ngai, Rupa Reddy, Isobel Lucy Renzulli, Javeria Rizvi, Nina Sadik, Reena Sawar, Ziyad Sheikh, Anjolie Singh, Katrin Strohmaier and Anna Yarmon.