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Honour Crimes Directory

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DIRECTORY IS CURRENTLY BEING REVIEWED WITH A VIEW TO BEING UPDATED (July 2013). What follows is the text from the original project.

This Directory sets out the contacts and brief descriptions of the activities of individuals and organisations engaged in addressing practices which can be considered as crimes of 'honour'. It includes within it lawyers, activists, researchers, government officials and community-based organisations, human rights and women's rights organisations.

This directory includes contacts in: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America.
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How to use it...

The directory can be utilised as a resource tool for networking and exchange of information and to facilitate co-operation among activists, lawyers and scholars. We hope that such exchange will contribute to the development of diverse and multiple strategies of response to ‘crimes of honour’, nationally, regionally and internationally, and at the level of state policy and community practice.

Special thanks...

The project directors would like to thank all those who have co-operated with this effort, whether by agreeing to have their details included and commenting on the descriptions of their initiatives, or by making further comments and suggestions. We would particularly like to acknowledge the contribution of Samia Bano and Fouzia Khan, former Research Assistants on the Project, and Moni Shrestha, Programme Co-ordinator at INTERIGHTS, as well as Emma Playfair, former Executive Director of INTERIGHTS, Denise Dora and Fateh Azzam, Human Rights Programme Officers at the Ford Foundation offices in Brazil and Egypt respectively, and Cassandra Balchin and Sohail Warraich of the WLUML Network. Our thanks also go to those who assisted in the preparation of the directory, including Floriane Begasse, Tala Dowlatshahi, Dahlia Gubara, Fakiha Khan and Lisa Malesky.

Disclaimer and amendments:

The directory does not aim to be fully comprehensive nor does it aim to be consistent in its format, as some entries were proposed by the Project and subsequently revised and approved, while others have been received directly from the individuals/organisations listed.

All those included in the directory have been directly consulted and have consented to the inclusion of their names and details. While, to the best of our knowledge, the details included in the directory are accurate, they may change on a regular basis. Should you have additional suggestions and/or corrections, please let us know by contacting; every effort will be made to respond to your input.