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Remedies for Forced Marriage: A Handbook for Lawyers. (INTERIGHTS 2014). Edited by Sara Hossain and Lynn Welchman.

This folder contains an Introduction and five chapters comprising this on-line resource published by INTERIGHTS after the end of the Honour Crimes project where it had its origins although constituting a separate project. The chapters, by different expert authors, are on UK - Legal Remedies and Non-Legal Remedies; Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, and are each available as stand-alone resources. Please consult the Introduction by Sara Hossain for information on the project and the construction of the volume, and note the dates to which the information is current in each paper and after which updating would be required.

Inside Pages of Remedies for Forced Marriage (pdf; 226kb)  

Introduction of Remedies for Forced Marriage (pdf; 149kb)  

Chapter 1 Anne Marie Hutchinson UK legal remedies (pdf; 461kb)  

Chapter 2 Hannana Siddiqui UK Non-Legal Remedies (pdf; 339kb)  

Chapter 3 Sara Hossain Bangladesh (pdf; 430kb)  

Chapter 4 Lawyers Collective - India (pdf; 332kb)  

Chapter 5 Sohail Warraich Pakistan (pdf; 593kb)  

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Selected International Human Rights Materials addressing 'Crimes of Honour'
Information compiled by CIMEL/INTERIGHTS Project on Strategies to Address 'Crimes of Honour'
Original version edited by
Sanchita Hosali, Research Assistant, CIMEL/INTERIGHTS Project
With the help of: Claire Dawson, Fouzia Khan, Adrienne Parrotta, Sonya Shaykhoun, Catherine Weiss and Alycia Wright.

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Selected International Human Rights Materials addressing 'Crimes of Honour' - August 2013

Latest update (2013) compiled by Libera Chiara D’Acunto, CIMEL intern.

(This is an ongoing effort, and the Project welcomes any comments, suggestions or feedback on its contents or structure, including indications to any materials that may usefully be added. Please email any feedback to, indicating "IHRM" in the subject box).

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Honoring the Killers: Justice Denied For 'Honor' Crimes In Jordan

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Extracted provisions from the penal codes of Arab states relevant to 'crimes of honour' (updated June 2013)

Compiled by Professor Lynn Welchman

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Forced marriages and child marriages

Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Motion for a Resolution, Doc. 9966, 13 October 2003, presented by Mrs Bargholtz and others

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Guidelines adopted at the UK-Pakistan 2nd Judicial Conference

Islamabad, 22-23 September 2003

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UK-Pakistan Judicial Protocol on Child Abduction

agreed at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, 17 January 2003

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So-called 'honour crimes' - Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly Resolution 1327 (2003)

So-called 'honour crimes' - Council of Europe Report

Appalled by the extent of 'honour crimes', says Lydie Err

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Working towards the elimination of crimes against women committed in the name of honour - Resolution 2003

Resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, 57th session 
30 January 2003, A/RES/57/179

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Working towards the elimination of crimes against women committed in the name of honour - Resolution 2004
Resolution, United Nations General Assembly, 59th session
15 October 2004, A/C.3/59/L.25

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Migrants between Culture and Society - A case study on a changing social climate after the murder of Fadime Sahindal

by Cecilia Englund, Swedish National Focal Point of the RAXEN network, on commission by the EU-body European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna
Expo Foundation, Stockholm, October 2002

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Dual Citizenship and Forced Marriages

By Alison Symington, Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 10, 2001

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Materials on Forced Marriage

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Abduction for Forced Marriage - Rights and Remedies in Bangladesh and Pakistan

by Sara Hossain and Suzanne Turner, International Family Law, April 2001 ([2001] IFL 1-64, p.15-24)

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Home Office Working Group - Information Gathering Exercise on Forced Marriages

Submission by INTERIGHTS, Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) and Shirkat Gah, March 2000

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Forced Marriage

Paper by Prof. Abdullahi An-Na'im, Emory University, USA

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Abstract: Forced Marriage - A Crime of 'Honour'

Preliminary Paper by Hannana Siddiqui, Southall Black Sisters, UK

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Handbook on Remedies for Forced Marriage

Project description

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