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New Fractional Process for 2017/18

New software and processes are being introduced by SOAS to improve how contracts are put in place for and payments are made to fractional staff for the 2017-18 academic year.

This new system represents an important step forward to address concerns about the current arrangements which have not provided a clear, consistent and timely process to support the employment and payment of fractional staff.

In November 2016, a workshop was held which included HR, faculty administrative staff, and a fractional representative staff to develop a new process for the appointment and payment of fractional teachers. The workshop agreed that the aim was to put in place an "accurate, transparent, simple and timely fractional employment process with identified ownership at each stage".

Following the workshop, an evaluation of the options for the best system for the newly agreed process was undertaken by faculty admin, IT and HR staff. A new software system, which is designed specifically for the HE and FE sectors, is now being put in place at SOAS which will make a range of improvements including:

  • online forms for new starters to help ensure the information gathered is accurate and complies with pension, HESA, tax and other SOAS requirements;
  • employing departments able to create detailed schedules of a fractional staff member's work and payments for each course;
  • online authorisation of these schedules by academic staff to ensure the accuracy of payments and contracts;
  • access online to clear and understandable contracts of employment for fractional staff;
  • online schedules and payment reports providing transparent information about the payments being made and how they relate to staff teaching;
  • automated reminders to authorisers to help ensure timely payments are made;
  • automated workflows to ensure data is shared promptly and accurately between identified individuals responsible for each stage in the process;
  • functionality to enable compliance with Tier 4 student visas requirements.

The goal is to put the new system in place by June 2017 so it is ready for the employment and payment of fractional staff in the new academic year. The system does not change the terms and conditions of employment for fractional staff.

A draft process map outlining the new process was originally devised during the November  workshop and updated in March 2017, by a group of stakeholders (including an academic,  fractional representative, fractional employing departments, IT and HR staff) to take account of the new VT system.  Please note that this draft process map may change depending to meet operational or system requirements.    A final version will be published on this site when the software is launched.

As the systems are developed, briefing and information will be sent out to employing departments so staff are ready to use the new system from June onwards. Information will be sent to fractional staff as the system is then rolled out for employees. Training and support in the use of the new system will be available.

March 2017

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