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Fractional Teachers Procedures and Policies

Appointment Process

1. Planning teaching allocation

Faculties and IFCELS will plan their teaching needs and identify how many fractional teachers they require, in line with their fractional teacher budgets.
Heads of Department will approve any new fractional appointments (and variations to appointment) as part of this planning process.

2. Recruitment of fractional teachers

Departments will locally recruit their fractional teachers – for further information on the recruitment processes in your Faculty/IFCELS, please contact your Faculty office/IFCELS office.

3. Confirming contractual details to teachers

If you make a successful application for a fractional teaching post, your Faculty office/IFCELS office will email you confirming the details of the post.  The email should include the following details:

  • Hours of work
  • Grade
  • Spinal point
  • Objective justification for any fixed-term appointments
  • Start date and end date
  • Pay periods. 
4. Entering the details on the HR-Payroll system, ResourceLink

Once you have replied to your Faculty/IFCELS email accepting the post, your Faculty/IFCELS will enter your details on ResourceLink.
Your details should normally be entered in June or July to ensure that you will get paid in October (if your appointment starts on 1st October).

Faculty fractional appointments have been delayed for the 2014/2015 session due negotiations with UCU on terms and conditions for Faculty fractional teachers.   Appointment details will not be entered on to ResourceLink until August 2014. 

5. Contract generation

Using the details entered by Faculty Officers onto ResourceLink, HR will generate your contract of employment.  This should be sent electronically to the appropriate Faculty Administrator/Head of IFCELs Teaching & Learning.

6. Approving the contract

Faculty Administrators/the Head of Teaching & Learning (IFCELS) will check your contract details against the approved planning grid/spreadsheet, and if the contract is correct, forward the contract to you by email (normally using your SOAS email address).

7. HR induction for teachers

New Fractional Teachers will be asked to attend an HR induction before they start work, to enable us to obtain a signed contract, check their right to work in the UK, obtain key bank, tax and pension data required to make salary payments.  Existing staff may still need to attend induction if SOAS needs to verify their continuing right to work in the UK (e.g. check new visa/passport details).  You can find out more about HR induction and future induction dates on this website.
All inductions must take place before you start work to ensure compliance with UK immigration legislation and to enable us to pay you at the start of term (if you start work in Term 1).  
Inductions are scheduled for July and August for staff starting in October.  
If you plan to be away in July and August (e.g. due to holidays, fieldwork etc), please contact your  designated HR Officer  to arrange for an induction prior to your departure.

Inductions are scheduled for September 2014 due to the delays in the Faculty Fractional appointment process for the 2014/15 session. 

8. Updating ResourceLink and making payments

Following induction, core HR will update your passport/visa, equal opportunities and HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency – all universities have to report information on staff and students annually to HESA) details on ResourceLink.  Payroll staff will update your bank, tax and pension data and make your payroll records live so salary payments can be made after you have started work.

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Ad-hoc Payments

If you have been asked to work some additional hours (or to reduce your hours) of less than 0.01 FTE (15 hours of plain time or 5 contact teaching hours at G7 or 6 contact teaching hours at G6), these can be processed as ad hoc payments (e.g. overtime).  Faculty fractional teachers may receive additional ad-hoc hours payments for marking and GTA training. 

Ad hoc hours are entered onto a monthly spreadsheet by Faculty Offices/IFCELs, checked and authorised by the Faculty Administrator/Head of Teaching & Learning (IFCELS) and sent electronically to Payroll for processing.

You will not receive a letter from HR confirming the details of any ad-hoc hours you may work.

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Contract variations – changes in hours

  1. Heads of Department (or their delegate such as the Course Convenor) will contact you to discuss the possibility of changing your hours.  If applicable, you should at this point, inform the Head of Department if you wish to take on additional hours.  
  2. Your Head of Department should then seek budget approval from their Faculty Administrator/Head of Teaching & Learning (IFCELs)
  3. If budget availability has been approved, the Faculty Office/IFCELS office will update ResourceLink with your new hours of work.
  4. Using the data entered by the Faculty on ResourceLink, HR will generate your contractual variation letter which will be sent electronically to the Faculty Administrator.
  5. The Faculty Administrator will approve the variation letter and forward it to you.
  6. Please sign and return your variation letter to HR.
  7. HR will record your acceptance of the contract variation on ResourceLink and Payroll will then update your record so that your adjusted salary payments can be made.

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Transfer of teachers from fixed-term to permanent status

There are two different ways a fractional teacher could transfer from a fixed-term to permanent contract.  Firstly, if you have four or more years’ service, you can apply in writing to transfer to a permanent contract.  In this instance, following receipt of your request to become permanent, HR will contact your Head of Department to find out if there is an objective justification for you remaining on a fixed-term contract and if it still applies in this instance.  Secondly, during workforce planning meetings with Heads of Departments, Deans and HR Managers, fixed-term fractional contracts are reviewed to see if they should transfer to permanent contracts. In both cases, decisions to transfer teachers to permanent status will be approved by Executive Board.

In both situations, where, there is no objective justification for a post remaining fixed-term, the post should become permanent (subject to approval from Executive Board).  In such cases, the following process will apply:

  1. On request from the Faculty/IFCELS, Payroll will create a unique post number on ResourceLink for the teacher
  2. The Faculty Office/IFCELs Office will transfer the employee to this new permanent post on ResourceLink but the record will not at this stage generate a payment.
  3. Using the details entered by the Faculty/IFCELS on ResourceLink, HR will generate a letter confirming that the teacher has transferred to permanent status.  This will be sent electronically to the Faculty Administrator/Head of Teaching & Learning (IFCELS).
  4. The Faculty Administrator/Head of Teaching & Learning will review and approve the letter and if it is correct, forward it to the teacher.  
  5. The teacher should accept their new permanent appointment by returning their signed letter to HR.
  6. HR will record their acceptance on ResourceLink and Payroll will then update the teacher’s record so that payments can be made to reflect the change in contract

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Market Rate Supplements (MRS)

At SOAS, the grading of posts and therefore the salary range are determined by the outcome of job evaluation.  The School’s Market Pay Policy  recognises that recruiting and retaining key staff may be difficult where the grading determined for a specific post through job evaluation is lower than the standard market rate of pay.  According to the terms of the Policy a market rate supplement may be paid for a fixed-period to attract and retain qualifying fractional teachers.
Where appropriate, Heads of Department can make written applications for MRS by email to the Dean (copied to their Faculty Office) in accordance with the School’s Market Pay Policy and Addendum for Fractional Teachers.

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The process for dealing with teacher resignations is unchanged and Faculties/IFCELs will still need to notify Payroll of any resignations by completing a Fractional Teacher Resignation form.  It is very important that this is done promptly to avoid overpayments.  

If you wish to resign from your post, to ensure that you your final salary payments are correct and that you receive your P45 (which cannot be re-issued), please

  • Copy your resignation letter to the Payroll team
  • Check your home address is correct on ResourceLink using MyView

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Fractional Teaching & Scholarship Policy

  • Click here to view the policy.
  • A statement of principles relating to all aspects of the employment of fractional staff
  • Includes fractional calculations (multipliers and plain-time), contracts of employment, variations of contracts, objective justification, grading issues.
  • This  Policy has undergone successful undergoing consultation with UCU; however two sections remain under discussion with UCU:
    • Additional office hours payments (sections 7 and 8) - following a request from UCU to extend additional office hours payments to G7 staff with large lecture groups.  
    • Fixed-term policy and objective justifications (section 17) - UCU have requested a review of the objective justifications used at SOAS and this review is being undertaken at Joint Interest Group (SOAS, UCU and UNISON) meetings. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant Training Scheme

  • Click here to view the training scheme for Graduate Teaching Assistants.

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