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HR - Service Level Agreements

This page provides information regarding the HR Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which cover the three areas of the HR Directorate: Core HR; Payroll & Pensions; and Staff Development.

The three SLAs support the HR Strategy 2011-14 and the supporting HR Strategy Action Plan for 2013/14. The SLAs set out the transactional responsibilities for HR and the transactional responsibilities of those who use the School’s HR services together with the monitoring arrangements to ensure the services are delivered effectively and to time, wherever possible.

Background to HRD Service Level Agreements trial: May 2010 to December 2010

A trial of the HR SLAs ran from May 2010 through to December 2010. At its 31 January 2011 meeting, the School’s Executive Board considered an assessment report by HR as to the usefulness of the SLAs. As a result, EB approved the continuation of the HR SLAs and also for Directors of Professional Services to consider a further ‘roll-out’ of SLAs across the rest of the Professional Services Directorates. Subject to the success or otherwise of those SLAs, they could then be put in place across the remainder of the School.

Benefits already from the use of service level agreements across the HR Directorate

In terms of benefits, the service level agreements have already helped both the HR Directorate’s own staff and customers’ understanding of the services each of the HR teams provides. Reference to the SLAs has helped HR staff when explaining to customers why some requests cannot be dealt with straightaway and this understanding has helped manage customer expectations. The SLAs have helped HRD staff adhere to deadlines; they have improved communications with customers; and have also engendered more positive working relationships between HR staff and with other teams and individuals outside of HR.

Comments and feedback on the HRD Service Level Agreements

To help the HR Directorate improve its level of service, feedback from users will always be appreciated and acted upon wherever possible. If you wish to comment on any aspect of the HR Directorate’s service to you, please email to:


If you have a concern or wish to complain about the manner or method with which you feel you have been treated by a member of HR, in the first instance please write to the appropriate HR Manager and mark your letter as ‘Private and Confidential’. He/she will deal with the complaint as quickly as possible and let you have a response in writing normally within 5 working days (annual leave permitting).

If your complaint is about the actions of a HR Manager, please write to the HR Director (Paul Doyle ) and mark your letter as ‘Personal – Addressee only’. He will deal with the complaint as quickly as possible and let you have a response in writing normally within 5 working days (annual leave permitting).

Any enquiries relating to the production or content of these pages relating to SLAs should be addressed initially to Chris Byrne, HR Manager (Change) email:

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