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Human Resources

Information for Managers

These pages and supporting documents provide information School employees with management responsibilities need to be fully aware of.

Currently, these pages consist of two sections, Guidelines for Managers and an online Form for reporting staff on Sick Leave.

Guidelines providing advice for managers on a range of topics including; 

Managers with line management responsibilities should be familiar with these management guidelines as they cover issues relating to staffing/people issues and wellbeing during employment at the School.

The various policies, procedures and guidelines will be updated from time-to-time, as required, and are generally only available electronically.

It is important that School managers ware familiar with the HR Web pages and can direct staff, where necessary, to specific information.

Any enquiries relating to the production or content of these pages should be addressed to your appropriate HR Manager (details set out in the “Who looks after my department?” section of the HR Directorate page.

HR Directorate
November 2013