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Stages in Recruitment - Who is responsible?

Stages in Recruitment - who is responsible? Recruiting Manager or Human Resources?

Requesting authorisation for the vacancy (EB / i-Grasp)RM1
Drafting job description and person specificationRM1
Conducting HERA evaluation for new or changed postHR1
Drafting advertRM1
Setting the interview and presentation dateRM with HR2
Determining interview panel compositionRM2
Booking interview venue and presentation venueRM2
Placing the advertisement in the appropriate mediaHR3
Tailoring application questions and shortlisting matrixHR with RM4
Setting up web recruitment system to receive applicationsHR5
Monitoring equal opportunitiesHR6
Inviting the presentation audienceRM8
Inviting candidates to interviewHR9
Liaising with candidates over travel arrangementsHR9
Collating interview packsHR9
Booking water (if requested by RM)HR9
Booking audio visual equipment (if requested by RM)HR9
Carrying out interviewsRM10
Verbally informing the successful candidate of the conditional offer of employment (not of salary offer)RM11
Making salary recommendations or recommending salary comparatorsRM12
Collating and providing salary comparator information to the Pro-Directors, the Director of HR and at least one other senior member of staff to  determine starting salary for Teaching & Research StaffHR13
Approving starting salary for non Teaching & Research Staff, School funded postsHR13
Making formal offers of employmentHR14
Requesting references (before interviews for Teaching & Research posts only)HR9 / 15
Informing unsuccessful candidates following interviewHR16
Giving feedback to candidatesRM & HR17
Retaining and storing recruitment papersRM & HR18