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Human Resources

Employee Assistance Programme

Confidential service for work and personal matters

Staff and their family members have access to a free, external, confidential employee wellbeing service. The service offers support information, expert advice and specialist counselling to help you prepare for life’s predictable milestones and cope with its unexpected eventing. The service also provides proactive guidance to help you stay healthy and enjoy physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This might include anything from workplace, financial, legal, health, relationship, family issues or any other life challenges.

24/7 phone and online access

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone and online:

Online: Livewell website (access code available on SharePoint)

By phone: 0800 282 193 (From abroad: +44 1865 397074)

External, independent advice

The service is provided by Optum who are an external, independent organisation who employ professionally qualified counsellors and specialists, experienced in helping people to deal with all kinds of practical and emotional issues. 

Free to use

The programme is paid for by the School as a support service for you as an employee, so that it is free of charge for you to use.

Your family members can use the online service, and also call in to the service for information. Please note that family members can only take part in formal counselling sessions if the issue is directly related to you. 

Telephone services

By calling one number, you will have access to a range of support services, including:

  • One-off telephone counselling, for any issue from day to day life to bereavement
  • Formal telephone counselling (6 sessions per issue, available for employees in response to an assessed need)
  • Management consultation line, specifically for line managers to discuss challenging issues they may be experiencing
  • Telephone support for dispute resolution. This could cover a range of issues from workplace disputes to disputes with landlords or tenants
  • Specialist Telephone services:
    financial information
    legal information
    debt counselling
  • Trauma support and advice line: if an employee experiences a traumatic situation they call in to the helpline to access the appropriate support
  • Medical helpline

Online services

Online, you will have access to articles about a variety of topics, a summary of the services available to employees and a wealth of wellbeing tools which includes:

Tobacco Cessation Plan

This is an interactive tool where individuals can set up a plan and use as a motivation to quit smoking. Employees can access the plan on the website by visiting the Self-Help Programmes tab.

Online CBT

The programmes include ‘Calming Anxiety’ and ‘Moving Through Depression’.

Mindfulness Tools

These programmes allow employees to practice relaxation and breathing exercises at any time. The tools can be completed all at once or individually, in any sequence.

If you have any queries or feedback relating to this service, please contact one of the Employee Relations Consultants listed on the HR Staff page.