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Pay Periods for Fractional Teachers

Pay Periods for Fractional Teachers

A IT system called VT is used for generating teachers’ payments.

When your contract/schedule is authorised, and accepted by you, VT will automatically calculate your pay and calculate payments according to the start and end dates of your employment.  Your contract will show you what you will get paid each month.

It will show you when you are due "arrears" (i.e. a higher) payment - for example, if there was a delay in accepting or authorising your contract.  Once the payroll has been processed, you can also log onto the VTS system to run payment reports to check your payments.

It will show you when you will be paid your accrued holiday pay; normally this will happen in December, March and July, during the School recess periods.

What are pay periods?

Your pay periods are the number of months over which you will receive salary payments whilst working as a fractional teacher.  

Your annual salary will be divided by the number of your pay periods and you will normally* receive an equal instalment of pay each pay period.

For example, if you are scheduled for six months, you will receive 1/6th of your annual salary for each month for the duration of your contract.

*Note, if you increase or reduce your hours, your pay will be recalculated for the period over which the variation is effective and you will receive monthly instalments at the new rate.

Permanent fractional teachers

All permanent fractional teachers are paid over 12 months and cannot elect to be paid over a shorter number of pay periods.  This is in line with other permanent staff across SOAS.