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Clinic partners say...

Yann Colliou, Programme Manager for Middle East, North African, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Terre des hommes Foundation (Sept 2016)

"Being the first year that Terre des hommes Foundation worked with the SOAS Human Rights Clinic, the process and results of this partnership exceeded our expectations. In the realm of humanitarian programming, it’s often difficult to bridge the gap between theory and practice, especially in the contested field of human rights. The work of the SOAS Human Rights Clinic was instrumental in supporting a process of critical thinking within our organisation: the comprehensive literature review helped familiarise us with an impressive range of academic resources; and the against-the-grain analysis has allowed us to open up space for deeper reflection about our work in the field of juvenile justice across the world. We hope to have the privilege of working with Lynn and her dynamic students in the future.”

Carla Ferstman, REDRESS Director

“REDRESS has had the pleasure to collaborate with the SOAS human rights clinic since its establishment. Each year, teams of students have given their time to assist REDRESS with crucial research projects. Because of the way in which the clinic is structured and the oversight provided by SOAS academic staff, the research is in-depth and of very high quality. It has been of crucial help to REDRESS and hopefully students have come out of the process with a clearer understanding of the practicalities of NGO work in the human rights field. Thank you SOAS!”

Tomaso Falchetta and Grazia Careccia, Child Soldiers International

“We have been working with SOAS Clinic students for the last couple of years, on projects such as criminalisation of child recruitment and use in armed conflict, non-state actors and child soldiers, and analysing security sector reform mechanisms to prevent child recruitment. Students’ research, with the support of Lynn and Iain, has been very thorough and it has contributed to the development of our research work.”

Elham Saudi, Director, Lawyers for Justice in Libya; and Clinic 3 (2010-11). Interviewed in The SOAS Spirit May 2014:

“While I was studying for the LLM [at SOAS], I did the Human Rights Clinic module with Lynn Welchman. This course gives students the opportunity to undertake practical research projects for NGOs. I keep in regular touch with Prof.  Welchman and the SOAS Clinic students have successfully carried out two projects for LFJL. We are also a very SOAS heavy organisation, as quite a few of our staff members and volunteers are SOAS alumni. SOAS will always be part of the fabric of LFJL.”

Haley St. Dennis, Institute for Human Rights and Business

“Students from the SOAS International Human Rights Clinic have produced excellent background research in two projects for the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB).  The first project involved the students producing an analysis of legal issues surrounding the human right to water and responsibilities of business.  This informed a larger project IHRB was undertaking on the subject and was published as part of IHRB's programme of work on World Water Day 2011.  In the second project the students undertook a mapping exercise of the extent and scope of human rights commitments made by a range of companies and requirements imposed by a range of multi-stakeholder initiatives, benchmarks and stock exchanges.  This came at the earliest stages of an ongoing project that benefitted from the students' detailed research and entrepreneurial spirit. IHRB looks forward to future opportunities to involve the high caliber work of the SOAS Clinic students in our programmes.”

Antonia Mulvey, Executive Director, Legal Action Worldwide

“Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) began its partnership with SOAS in 2013. Students from the SOAS clinic were enthusiastic, hardworking and produced excellent background research for a project on legal accountability and access to justice in South Sudan. LAW conducted fortnightly conference calls with clinic students, who then undertook extensive research and produced a comprehensive report on relevant issues under the supervision of Lynn Welchman. This research was used to inform consultations with legal experts in this area on how legal interventions might be undertaken to address land grabbing and natural resource exploitation in the country. LAW is currently developing new projects requiring extensive research and is looking forward to working with clinic students in the future.”