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International Foundation Courses and English Language Studies

In-sessional Courses Recommended Materials for Self-study


  • Murphy, R. (2004) English Grammar in Use, Cambridge: CUP  (intermediate grammar, general English)
  • Hewings, M. (2005) Advanced Grammar in Use, Cambridge: CUP (advanced grammar, general English)
  • Elsworth, S. Walker, E. (2008) Grammar Practice: Upper Intermediate, Pearson, Longman (general English)
  • Harrison, M., Jakeman, V., Paterson, K. (2012) Improve Your Grammar, Palgrave Study Skills, London: Macmillan (academic English)
  • Paterson, K. Wedge, R. (2013) Oxford Grammar for EAP, Oxford: OUP (academic English)


  • Godfrey, J. (2013) The Student Phrase Book, Palgrave Study Skills, London: MacMillan
  • McCarthy, M., O’Dell, F. (2016) Academic Vocabulary in Use with Answers, Cambridge: CUP
    • McCArthy, M. (2008) Academic Vocabulary in Use with Answers, Cambridge: CUP
    • McCArthy, M.(2006)Vocabulary in Use Advanced, Cambridge: CUP
    • McCArthy, M. (2001) Vocabulary in Use Upper-Intermediate, Cambridge: CUP
    • Woodward, G. (2004)  Key Words for Fluency Intermediate, Thomson
    • Woodward, G. (2004)  Key Words for Fluency Upper-Intermediate, Thomson
    • McCarthy, M., O'Dell, F.(2005) English Collocations in Use, Cambridge: CUP 
    • McCarthy, M., O'Dell, F. (2008) English Collocations in Use: Advanced, Cambridge: CUP 
    • McCarthy, M., (2007) English Phrasal Verbs in Use, Cambridge: CUP


    • Arnaudet and Barrett (1990), Paragraph Development A guide for students of English, Prentice Hall
    • Bailey, S. (2006), Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students, Routledge
    • Day, T. (2013) Success in Academic Writing, Palgrave Study Skills, London: Macmillan
    • Greetham, B. (2013) How to Write Better Essays. Palgrave Study Skills, London: Macmillan
    • Swales and Feak (2004) Academic Writing for Graduate Students, University of Michigan Press


    • Espeseth, M. (2004) Academic Listening Encounters series , Cambridge: CUP
    • Lynch, T. (2004)  Study Listening: A Course in Listening to Lectures and Note Taking, Cambridge: CUP


    • Furneaux and Rignall (1997)  Speaking English for Academic Study Series, Prentice-Hall


    • Godfrey, J. (2013) How to use your reading in your essays. Palgrave Study Skills, London: Macmillan.
      • Mosback, (1976)  Practical Faster Reading, Cambridge: CUP
      • Glendinning, E.  Holmström, B., (2004) Study Reading: A Course in Reading Skills for Academic Purposes, Cambridge: CUP

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