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International Foundation Courses and English Language Studies


Head of Department

Graham Davies

Mr Graham Davies
Head of Department
Graham Davies

Has worked in the IFCELS department since 1990 and before that taught English in Germany, the Middle East and South America. At SOAS was Head of the ICC foundation programme for 13 years before taking over as Head of Department in September 2009.

Mr Jonathan Darlington
Programme Tutor, Intermediate Certificate Course
EAP Teacher
Johnny Darlington
Has worked at SOAS since 2000 and previously taught in Spain, Portugal and Brazil. Currently teaches English for academic purposes on the ICC Undergraduate Foundation Programme, ELAS, in-sessional courses and the TEAP teacher-training course. 

Mr Neil Robbie
Programme Tutor, In-sessional Courses
Neil Robbie

At IFCELS since 2004 . Previously twelve years in Japan teaching English and EAP. Marker for BEC and IELTS exams. Interested in the role of grammar and vocabulary teaching in EAP and study skills.

Ms Deborah Stevenson
Pre-sessional Coordinator
Deborah Stevenson

Previously taught in Japan, France, Denmark and Jordan. Has special interest in English for Business and Management, Academic Writing, Technology Enhanced Learning and Coaching in Education.

Delia Lozano
Accommodation, Visa and Welfare Adviser/Academic Advice Unit Support
Staff Silhouette

EAP Teachers

Ms Sabina Cato
EAP Teacher
Staff Silhouette

I have been at SOAS since 2015.

I currently teach the ELAS Introduction to Art module and literacy with ELAS and the Diploma in Asian Arts students.

Mr Tony Corballis
EAP Teacher and Head of TEAP courses
Tony Corballis
Head of TEAP. Specialist in Business/Management/Economics EAP, working on university support and foundation programmes. Authored 'English for Management Studies' (Garnet) and other published materials, and trains in business communication skills.

Mr David Fisher
EAP teacher
David Fisher

17 years overseas EAP experience in southeast Asia, the Middle East and West Africa; at SOAS since 1997

Ms Christie Goodall
EAP teacher
Staff Silhouette

EAP teacher at IFCELS since 2006. Specialises in teaching EAP, study skills and presentation skills. Also provides language support on ICC Business and ELAS Humanities.

Dr Gerard Gunning
Subject Lecturer and EAP Teacher
Staff Silhouette

I lecture on a world literature module here at SOAS and contribute to teaching on IFCELS' media studies modules as well as a range of EAP modules taught at IFCELS and at other departments.

Mr Robin Kearney
EAP Teacher
Robin Kearney

I have two Masters: one from Oxford Brookes and the other from Bath Spa. My BA was from University College Dublin. 

I won the SOAS Director's Prize for Inspirational and Innovative Teaching in 2017.

I have a special interest in decolonising curriculums and pedagogies. I'm also interested in exploring the links between creativity and learning in academic contexts.

Debbie King
EAP Teacher
Debbie King

EAP teacher and course coordinator at SOAS since 2004. Has taught English to adults both in the UK and Japan. Areas of interest include English for Media and Film studies and History of Art and materials development.

Dr Maria La Falce
EAP Teacher
Maria La Falce

Has a PhD in Politics from Bristol University and a Master’s from the LSE in Government and Politics. Is interested in Political Parties and Systems. She teaches EAP in International Relations, Development and Politics on both UG and PG foundation courses. Other specialties include Research Methods and Academic Essay Writing skills. Holds the Diploma in TEFL-A.

Dr Catherine Lewis
EAP Teacher (part-time)
Catherine Lewis
At SOAS since 2007.  Has taught EAP, study skills, business English and IELTS in several universities as well as in Japan.  Interested in teaching academic essay writing.

Dr Mark McQuinn
EAP Teacher/Subject Lecturer
Mark McQuinn

Convenor of the Aid and Development unit on the MSc in Development Studies. Aid policies and practices, role of foreign and indigenous civil society organisations in Africa, issues affecting informal sector workers. Doctoral research on trade unions and NGOs in Tanzania, published as Civil Society as a Conflictual Sphere in Post-liberalization Tanzania. Currently researching the influence of trade unions on labour practices in Sierra Leone and Tanzania and working on a project to build a database on labour issues for use by African labour organisations. Also researching Chinese aid policies and practices. Worked in the aid sector and on political economy issues in the Sudan and Bulgaria.

  • Tel: 020 7898 4818
  • Email:
  • Room: F101
  • Academic Support Hours: Mondays 2.00-4.00pm

Subject Lecturers

Ms Emma-Rose Barber
Subject Lecturer (part-time)
Staff Silhouette

An art historian who teaches at SOAS, The University of Kent, The Open University and other academic institutions. Specialises in the art of the Italian and the northern Renaissance, but is also doing a Phd on medieval culture and art.

Dr Gareth Bentley
EAP Teacher/Subject Lecturer
Gareth Bentley

Gareth Bentley studied an MA in Film, Television and Theatre Studies at University of Glasgow, an MA in International Relations at SOAS and completed his PhD in Media at SOAS in 2013.

Dr Christopher Boyle
Subject Lecturer (part-time)
Chris Boyle

Chris holds a doctorate in International Relations from the University of Sussex. He has taught UG/PG courses at University College London, London Metropolitan University and City University. He currently teaches on the ELAS Social Sciences course, the ICC UMW course and the summer course in International Relations.

Ms Elsbeth Court
Subject Lecturer (part-time)
Elsbeth Court

Subject Lecturer in World Art concentrating on the arts of Africa and an educationist whose approach is comparative and multi-disciplinary: anthropology, art history and criticism, cultural psychology, development studies

Claire Laubier
Subject Lecturer (part-time)
Claire Laubier
At SOAS since 2002. Previous teaching and teacher training in France, Germany, Spain and Poland.

Dr Kevin Manton
EAP Teacher/Subject Lecturer
Kevin Manton
Has studied History, Politics and Philosophy and has two University of London Masters degrees and a PhD. Lectures, on European Society and Thought and Approaches to History. Has published articles and a book on British social and political history, and is an external examiner.

Dr Orsolya Szakaly
Subject Lecturer (part-time)
Orsi Szakaly

At SOAS since 2005. Currently teaches Understanding the Modern World on ICC, EAP on ELAS and insessional courses. Specialism: Early Modern Central Europe, particularly the Habsburg Monarchy.