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What TEAP Trainees Have Said


TEAP Trainee Feedback from 2018

"This course enhanced my teaching ... it gave me so much confidence."

"The course greatly exceeded my expectations."

"This was one of the best courses I have ever been on."

"My enthusiasm and professional curiosity have been boosted."

"My overall experience at SOAS was superb!"

"I have been really impressed by how student skills development is scaffolded."

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"I loved seeing what ideal curriculum should look like."

"I have discovered the ‘joys’ of material development."

"My greatest gain was the confidence to plan lessons."

"There has been enormous thought and energy in creating such a professional and high-quality course."

"I’m impressed by the meticulous way of organising the programme – you have done a truly amazing job."

"It was a really positive group learning given the style of the room and the dynamics."

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"The high calibre of fellow participants meant there was a great experience exchange."

"It was wonderful building bonds with peers and teachers."

"We had great networking opportunities and career advice given."

"There was a real team spirit."

"I met amazing people, both teachers and students."

"I have expanded my network of intelligent, creative colleagues." 

Earlier TEAP Trainee Feedback (2014-2017):


"I feel fit for a TEAP role and I could not be happier!"

"All the TEAP lecturers were highly competent and very inspiring."

"A wonderful foundation to build on, both as a teacher and a learner."

"I identified where I had no prior knowledge or experience – really useful!"

"It was a learning-rich experience I’d recommend to anybody thinking of moving into teaching EAP."

"The structure of the SOAS IFCELS courses are among the best I've ever seen as a teacher. Terrific insight into teaching EAP and specifically at SOAS."

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"Useful examples of good practice that I’m keen to implement in my institution."

"The quality of TEAP session facilitation and their expertise were excellent."

"Lots of practical ideas for teaching EAP."

"I am convinced that I’ve reaped some long-term career benefits."

"I found a career path I can wholeheartedly follow."

"I feel fit for a TEAP role and I could not be happier!"

"Ultimately it gave me the confidence boost I need to get a move on in my career!"

"I think I really love teaching English for academic purposes and study skills!"

"Great to bridge the gap between general English and EAP."

"I discovered areas in which I’d like to improve."

"I gained so much from this course – and a great opportunity to learn from very experienced teachers and share ideas with amazing colleagues varied backgrounds."

"I've broadened my horizons and met interesting and creative teachers I hope to stay in touch with."

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"Masses of food for thought, with lots of very useful materials and handouts."

"I've a good handle on all the components of EAP now – am just loving TEAP!"

"What I really enjoyed was the teaching observation which gave me a better idea of the students and of the cycles. Both learners and teachers we observed were impressive."

"The writing assessment session was especially relevant."

"I’ve gained lots of new ideas for materials."

"It was a learning-rich experience I’d recommend to anybody thinking of moving into teaching EAP."

"The course provided us with opportunity for reflective exchange on our practices."

"It was greatly enriched by the participation of teachers from a variety of countries and academic traditions."

"Ultimately it gave me the confidence I need to move on in my career."

"I gained a huge amount. I now have a much better understanding of theory and practice in EAP and feel much more confident about teaching EAP. And feeling enthusiastic!"

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