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Terms and Conditions ICC and FDPS

ICC and FDPS Terms and Conditions (updated 22 January 2020)

1. Application fees are non-refundable and applications will not be processed until they have been paid.

2. Completed acceptance forms and a 10% deposit of the tuition fees are required to reserve a place and for a CAS for visa purposes to be issued (if required)

3. IFCELS reserves the right to ask for all relevant documentation or information to decide if a student is eligible for a CAS. If IFCELS decides not to issue a CAS, any tuition fees already paid  will be refunded subject to a 10% administration charge. In the event of a visa refusal when the refusal is not due to an error on the part of IFCELS, only one further CAS will be issued in support of a second and final visa application.
The School is under no obligation to issue a second CAS if:
(a)  the first application for a Student Visa was rejected by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).
(b)  the student’s programme of study is due to begin shortly, and it is clear that there is not enough time for the new visa application to be processed in time for the student to arrive before the last agreed start date.

4. Deposits are non-refundable except in cases where a visa is refused due to an error on the part of IFCELS or where an unreasonable delay in the visa issuing process means that the student  cannot  join the programme. The deposit will not be refunded in cases where the student has provided incomplete or incorrect information on the visa application or where the application has been made too late to have a reasonable chance of being processed in time for the student to join the programme. Copies of the visa refusal letter need to be provided if a refund is requested.

5. The balance of the fees is payable before the first day of the programme. Students who have not paid fees in full will not be able to complete their enrolment or receive a timetable and will not be allowed to attend class until the fees are paid. Any fees paid (apart from the 10% deposit) will be refunded if a student withdraws before the first day of the programme.

6. Payment by instalments is not normally permitted. In exceptional circumstances (eg when scholarship funding is released in stages) an instalment plan may be requested  in writing to the Head of Department.

7. A 50% refund of tuition fees may be requested by students who formally withdraw from the programme on or before the last day of the first (Autumn) term. The request will be considered in cases where the student’s circumstances makes it impossible for them to continue their studies, for example serious ill health or accident, bereavement in the close family or major change in financial circumstances. The request should be made in writing to the Head of Department and should include evidence (eg medical certificate). Refunds will not be made in cases where withdrawal is due to a change of study plan.

8. No refunds can be made to students withdrawing in terms 2 or 3 but unused fees may be retained and used by students on the same or another IFCELS programme in the same or following academic year.

9. No refunds will be made to students whose studies are terminated due to poor attendance or for other reasons.

10. Refunds of tuition fees must be requested in the same financial year (1st Aug - 31st July) as the start of the programme

11. Refunds of accommodation fees payments (including those paid to SOAS Halls) are subject to the agreement between the student and the accommodation provider.