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The International Journal of Jaina Studies is dedicated to the promotion of scholarly exchange among academics, researchers, and students engaged in the study of the Jainism and Jain culture. It welcomes submissions of research papers, monographs and reviews in all fields of Jaina Studies.

All submissions are peer-reviewed. Usually they should consist of original work not elsewhere published. The journal intends to publish hard copies in book form on request.

The copyright rests with the editor. The sender of any contribution is the only one responsible for any copyright violation (also in the case that author and sender are different). See © Copyright Notice below.

Manuscripts should be submitted by email attachment to the editor:


Contributions should usually, but not necessarily, be submitted in English language. American or British spelling is optional, but should be consistently used throughout the article or review.

The texts should be formatted by the author and submitted in Microsoft Word for Windows format.

All fonts should be convertible into pdf-format.

The standard diacritical fonts are IndUni which can be downloaded online, or the Times Extended Roman which can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Both fonts are based on Times New Roman.

Usually, texts should be formatted in Font Size 12, with 1.5 Line Spacing. They should have page numbers centered at the bottom of the page.

The name of the author should be underneath the title.

The Title and Sub-headings should be in capital letters and bold, and sub-sub-headings in italic and bold.

Papers should use embedded citation, e.g. (Jaini 1979: 1). All publications should be followed by a list of Abbreviations and the complete Bibliography used.

Footnotes should usually be at the end of each page.

Book titles and names of journals should be in italic; titles of articles and chapters in edited collections should be in double inverted commas. For example:

Books: Jaini, Padmanabh S. The Jaina Path of Purification. Berkeley: California University Press, 1979.
Edited Volumes: Jambuvijaya, Muni. "The Jaina Agama Series." Jain Studies in Honour of Jozef Deleu. Ed. Rudy Smet & Kenji Watanabe, 1-12. Tokyo: Hon-no-Tomosha, 1993.
Articles: Folkert, Kendall W. "Jaina Studies: Japan, Europe, India." Sambodhi 5, 2-3 (1976) 138-147.

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