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Update of recent publications by the project partners. (24-01-18)

Issouf Saimare

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Niel Hermes

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Oliver Morissey

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  2. Addison, T., Morrissey, O. , Tarp, F. 2017, The Macroeconomics of Aid: An Overview, Journal of Development Studies ,53, 7, 987-997

Joshua Yindenaba Abor

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Reinhard Bachmann

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Kanga Désiré

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Joshua Yindenaba Abor &Mohammad Amidu

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  2. Abor, J., Amidu, M., & Issahaku, H., 2018, Mobile Telephony, Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth, Journal of African Business, DOI: 10.1080/15228916.2017.14193
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Stephany J. Griffith-Jones

Griffith-Jones, S. and Gottschalk, R., 2017, Achieving Financial Stability and Growth in Africa. Routledge (Chapter1, 9)

Ayse Demir

Demir, A., Hall, S., 2017, Financial structure and economic development: Evidence on the view of ‘new structuralism’,International Review of Financial Analysis,Volume 52, July 2017, Pages 252-259

Christopher J. Green &Ye Bai &Victor Murinde

Green, C., Bai, Y., Murinde, V., Ngoka, K., Maana, I., Tiriongo, S, 2016, Overnight interbank markets and the determination of the interbank rate: A selective survey, International Review of Financial Analysis, (44), pp 149-161.

Ye Bai

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Ahmad Hassan Ahmad

  1. Ahmad, AH and Shah, IH (2017) How important is the Financial Sector to Price Indices in an Inflation Targeting Regime? An Empirical Analysis of the UK and the US, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 48:1063–1082. DOI: 10.1007/s11156-016-0578-9.
  2. Ahmad, AH and Brown, S (2016) Re-examining the ECB's Two-pillar monetary policy strategy: Are There Any Deviations during and the Pre-Financial Crisis Periods?, Empirica, 44: 585–607. DOI: 10.1007/s10663-016-9339-1.
  3. Ahmad, AH and Aworinde, OB (2016) The Role of Structural Breaks, Nonlinearity and Asymmetric Adjustments in African Bilateral Real Exchange Rates, International Review of Economics and Finance, 45: 144–159.

Laurance Harris

 Harris, L., 2017, Beyond the grid, Aspenia, 76; 143-149

Tianshu Zhao

Zhao, T., Evans, D., 2016, SMEs, banks and the spatial differentiation of access to finance, Journal of Economic Geography, 2016, pp. 1–34.

Christine Oughton

Bo, H., Zhang, B., Oughton, C., Yuan, X., Ma, J, 2016, China’s State Energy Investment during 1991-2007: Investment Analysis and Policy Issues, Regional Studies, (50) 10, pp 1769-1784.

Lemma Senbet

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 Robert Lensink

  1. Supanantaroek, S., Lensink, R., & Hansen, N., 2017, The Impact of Social and Financial Education on Savings Attitudes and Behavior Among Primary School Children in Uganda. Evaluation Review, 41(6), 511-541. DOI: 10.1177/0193841X16665719
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Stephen Spratt

  1. Spratt, S., 2017, Green Investment Diagnostics for Africa: What are the Binding Constraints to Investment in Renewables in Kenya and Ghana? , IDS Research Report 83
  2. Spratt, S., 2017, Investment in Renewable Energy, Fossil Fuel Prices and Policy Implications for Latin America and the Caribbean, Financing for Development 264
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Stephany J. Griffith-Jones &Stephen Spratt

  1. Griffith-Jones, S.; Xiaoyun, L.; Gu, J. and Spratt, S. ,2016, 'What Can the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Learn from Other Development Banks?', IDS Policy Briefing 113, Brighton: IDS
  2. Griffith-Jones, S.; Xiaoyun, L. and Spratt, S. , 2016, The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: What Can It Learn From, and Perhaps Teach To, the Multilateral Development Banks?, IDS Evidence Report 179, Brighton: IDS

Subhashis Gangopadhyay& Robert Lensink

Calis, T., Gangopadhyay, S., Ghosh, N., Lensink, R., & Meesters, A., 2017, Does Microfinance Make Households More Resilient to Shocks? Evidence from the Cyclone Phailin in India, Journal of International Development, 29(7), 1011-1015. DOI: 10.1002/jid.3301

Judith E. Tyson

  1.  Tyson, J., 2017, Private Sector Development in Liberia: Financing for economic transformation in a fragile context, Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
  2. Kanyenze, G., Chitambara, P., Tyson, J., 2017, The Outlook for the Zimbabwean Economy, Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
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  7. Khanna, A.,  Papadavid, P., Tyson, J.,   Velde, W., 2016, The role of services in economic transformation - with an application to Kenya, Overseas Development Institute (ODI).



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DEGRP Agriculture research portfolio - Call 1 & 2 research summaries, July 2016

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DEGRP Finance & innovation research porfolio - Call 1 & 2 research summaries, July 2016

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Reflections on Central Banking

(Victor Murinde), September 2016

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Capital, risk and profitability of WAEMU banks: Do foreign ownership and cross-border banking matter?

(Désiré Kangaa, Victor Murindeb, Issouf Soumare), October 2016

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The peer monitoring role of the interbank market in Kenya and implications for bank regulation

(Victor Murinde, Ye Bai, Isaya Maana, Kethi Ngoka-Kisinguh, Samuel Tiriongo, Christopher J. Green), December 2016

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