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Intellectual Property Policies and Procedures

Intellectual property (IP) is one of SOAS's most important assets, as a resource for learning, teaching and research, as a potential source of income, and in terms of the School's reputation. SOAS is committed to using IP in a way which supports the School's strategic goals, and brings the maximum benefit to the SOAS community.

This page links to SOAS's Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures for Commercialisation and Income Sharing, which have been approved by Executive Board subject to higher committee approval. These documents will support the more effective use of IP as part of the School's research and enterprise strategy. Work is also underway to revised the existing consultancy guidelines.

Intellectual Property Policy
The Policy defines the rights and responsibilities of staff, students and SOAS in relation to the IP which they create and use. It grants rights to staff which go beyond the provisions of IP legislation and the IP clauses in staff contracts of employment, while specifying SOAS's rights to use the IP created by staff during their employment by the School. The Policy also defines the principles which will apply to the sharing of income from the commercial use of IP.

Intellectual Property: Procedures for Commercialisation and Income Sharing
The commercial exploitation of any IP created by staff in the course of working for SOAS may only be undertaken by SOAS or with SOAS's permission. These procedures support the Intellectual Property Policy by specifying  how proposals for the commercialisation of IP should be reported, and how the income from the commercial exploitation of IP will be shared between the staff member who created the IP, the faculties and the School.