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FOI Statistics

As part of SOAS' compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), we are expected to publish certain information to keep the public informed about matters of public interest such as how we make decisions, how we spend money, and how we meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

In the most recent revision of the section 45 Code of Practice on the implementation of the FoIA, the government recommended that all public authorities should now publish information about the FOI requests they receive.

We aim to be as transparent as possible about how we manage requests made under FoIA, so we have published quarterly reports and the annual report for the last year.

This page will hereafter hold quarterly and annual reports going back three calendar years.

2021 quarterly reports

FOI Report Q1 2021 (pdf; 807kb)  

FOI Report Q2 2021 (pdf; 803kb)  

2020 quarterly reports

FOI Report Q1 2020 (pdf) (pdf; 687kb)  

FOI Report Q2 2020 (pdf) (pdf; 671kb)  

FOI Report Q3 2020 (pdf; 819kb)  

FOI Report Q4 2020 (pdf; 822kb)  

2020 annual report

FOI Report 2020 (pdf) (pdf; 873kb)  

2019 quarterly reports

FOI Report Q1 2019 (pdf) (pdf; 826kb)  

FOI Report Q2 2019 (pdf) (pdf; 701kb)  

FOI Report Q3 2019 (pdf) (pdf; 819kb)  

FOI Report Q4 2019 (pdf) (pdf; 723kb)  

2019 annual report

FOI Report 2019 (pdf) (pdf; 723kb)  

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