SOAS University of London

AS Levels and Admissions

Disclosure date: 30 September 2011

Reference: FOI2011/078


How much weight, relatively, will the university put on AS level results and predicted grades when assessing undergraduate applicants for 2012 entry? Please supply any policy document or guidance given to admissions staff/selectors, together with any background documents, for example minutes of a committee debate on the issue or internal correspondence.

When considering undergraduate applications no weight is given to completed AS results. Offers are made based on the predicted A2 grades and in consideration of the reference and personal statements supplied on the application form.

If the above does not cover the following topics, please supply information specifically on:
How does this policy/guidance differ from last year?

There has been no change in this respect.

How does the university’s policy vary between state schools and independent schools?

No distinction is made between applicants based on the type of school that they attended.

What steps have been taken by the University to inform applicants about the policy (as at 07/09/2011)?

The School’s admissions policy is published on the website.

Is there a policy or practice, in any subject, to make different offers to applicants according to their AS level results or predicated grades?  

The School does not make different offers based on predicted grade or AS level results. The level of offer the School makes is consistent with the published entry requirements regardless of predictions, previous A or AS results or applicant’s school type.