SOAS University of London

Audio-visual policy

Disclosure date: 9 December 2011

Reference: FOI2011/104


Could you please supply me with the following information:

1) A copy of the university’s audio-visual policy on:
a) the recording of lectures
b) the recording of seminars, workshops or tutorials
c) the recording of guest speakers/lecturers etc
d) any exemptions to these

2) Any guidance, consent forms and advice sheets that supports this policy

3) Any supporting documentation on the challenges that new media technologies pose to these policies


1) These matters are covered by the School’s Intellectual Property Policy (specifically section 9) which can be found at on the SOAS website. Recording of guest speakers is not specifically covered by this policy.

2) No guidance is currently provided by SOAS in this area, though it is planned. In the meantime, SOAS refers to the guidance provided by JISC Legal at

3) No relevant information is held.