SOAS University of London

Director's expenses

Disclosure date: 28 October 2011

Reference: FOI2011/086


1) Expenses claimed by the SOAS Director, broken down by claim and/ or receipt for the 12 months previous to the time when this request is answered.

2) Where the requests include hospitality or accommodation, I would appreciate the names of the establishments involved.

3) The Director's current salary, and his salary for the year previously.


1) Please see below the expenses claims made by the Director in the last 12 months. 

Date             Amount (£)             Category
18/10/10         77.90                     Travel
9/11/10           91.50                     Travel
3/02/11           93.00                     Travel
31/03/11         21.90                     Other
Total             284.30

2) The Director did not make any claims for hospitality or accommodation in this period.

3) Professor Paul Webley’s current salary is £190,363 including the London allowance of £2,134. It was the same last year. He is currently on half-pay whilst on sabbatical during the first term of this academic year.