SOAS University of London

Fees, Halls and Students

Disclosure date: 17 August 2011

Reference: FOI2011/068


When able do you intend to charge the maximum £9,000 fees? If so, what courses will be charged at this £9,000 fee?

Yes, the maximum £9,000 will be charged for all undergraduate degree courses.

If students chose to take an industrial placement, will they receive a discount on their annual fees - if so how much?

We do not offer industrial placements, but students on language courses studying abroad will be offered a discount of £6,000 for the year spent abroad.

When the new fees come in, what will be the most expensive course? What will be the cheapest course? Please provide costs and course titles.

All undergraduate degree courses will attract the £9,000 fee.

How much extra income do your predict will be generated through increased student fees?

It is predicted that the overall income generated through increased fees will be as follows:

2012/13 £3,391,000
2013/14 £6,686,000
2014/15 £9,140,000
2015/16 £9,899,000

However, this does not take account of reduced teaching funding from HEFCE and other cuts in our income. For example, we estimate that we will be receiving up to £5,573,000 less of undergraduate teaching funding in 2014/15, but there are too many variables at present to be able to say with any certainty how our income in future years will compare with that in previous years.

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Does your University have halls of residence? If so what will be the cheapest rent available per week or per month available to students? What will be the most expensive rent available per week or per month?

The School does not have any Halls of Residence, as they were sold to a private company some years ago. However, these Halls, now privately run, are made available exclusively to SOAS students. Details of the rent charged can be found at these web pages:

What income if any do you receive from The Unite Group Plc?


What proportion of students at your university are from within the EU, and from outside the EU?

As of December 2010, 84% of undergraduate students were from the EU and 16% from overseas. 74% of all students were from the EU with 26% from outside the EU.

What proportion of total income from fees come from non EU students? How much is this figure?

35% of fees income came from non-EU students in 2009/10, the last full year for which we have figures available. The total amount of fees paid by non-EU students in that year was £23,000,000.