SOAS University of London

Honorary degree costs

Disclosure date: 5 October 2011

Reference: FOI2011/075


1. The number of honorary degrees awarded in each of the years 2009, 2010 and 2011, and the names and occupations of those who received them. Please also include the reason why each was awarded, eg. “in recognition of his work as an art critic”.

The following have been awarded honorary degrees by SOAS in the last three years:

2009 Professor Cynthia Enloe – further details can be found at the bottom of the SOAS web page at

2010 Mr Yash Chopra

2010 Stephen Green (later Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint) – further details can be found on the SOAS website at .

2010 Mr Ben Okri – further details can be found on the SOAS website at .

2011 Zeinab Badawi – further details can be found on the SOAS website at .

2. The cost to the university of awarding honorary degrees. For each year, please provide both a total figure and a breakdown which separates spending into categories. This should show all costs associated with honorary degrees, including expenses such as air fares and the cost of accommodation for those receiving the degrees.

Please see figures below. I should explain that these figures relate solely to the costs incurred directly from awarding honorary degrees. They do not include the wider costs of the School's main graduation ceremonies which are attended by the honorary graduates as they are also for our graduating students and would happen regardless of the attendance of honorary awardees. Please also note that it is not possible to break down the costs for the two 2009-10 ceremonies as the payments were made for both ceremonies and cannot be further broken down.

2008-09 (within graduation ceremony)
Graduation booklet          £1.79
Gown hire                    £38
Celebratory dinner &
Director's reception      £196
Hotel accommodation £238
Photographer              £250 (external)
Return flights from
USA                          £647.60
Total £1371.39

2009-10 (individual ceremony outside of graduation ceremony)
Photographs                   £0 (in-house)
Flowers                       £50
Gift (picture frame)       £50
Director's reception    £550

2009-10 (2 x ceremonies within graduation ceremonies)
Graduation booklets        £3.58
Souvenir DVDS            £24
Gown hire                   £40 (gown shared)
Celebratory dinner &
Director's reception,
inc. flowers & photos £448
Total £515.58

2010-11 (within graduation ceremony)

Graduation Booklet                                 £1.23
Gown Hire                                            £44.00
Celebratory Dinner & Director’s Reception £141.55
Souvenir DVD                                         £12.00

Total £ 198.78