SOAS University of London

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 [RIPA]

Disclosure date: 13 December 2011

Reference: FOI2011/096


1) How many times have RIPA powers been used in the last 5 years by the university?

2) How many people has the university investigated using RIPA powers? (If different from the answer given for question 1).

3) On what dates were the requests (providing just the year & month is fine, rather than the exact date)?

4) For what purposes was RIPA used? I.e. What was the reason/ justification for using RIPA?

5) What type of investigation was done under RIPA? I.e. please give details about kinds of information was gained under RIPA, e.g. internet history log, etc.

The FOI should cover all occasions where RIPA was used - both where your institution decided to use it themselves, and also where a relevant external body/individual requested an investigation using RIPA powers and an investigation went ahead.

For each occasion where RIPA was used,please state in the FOI response which of these two approaches took place - external or internal request.


No requests have been received, either internally or externally, under RIPA, and the powers in the Act have not been used by the School in the last 5 years.