SOAS University of London

Senior School Officers

Disclosure date: 28 October 2011

Reference: FOI2011/083


1) Following widespread restructuring in the Education sector I would like to know the name and email address of the senior officer currently in the following roles at your University:-

a) Finance (e.g. Finance Director)

b) Human Resources (e.g. Head of Human Resources)

c) Information Technology (e.g. IT Director)

d) Performance Management (e.g. Performance Manager)

2) If the University has entered into Shared Services, or IT outsourcing with another body can you please let me know the name of that organisation and which person from either organisation now leads the above functions.

Additionally, in relation to the use of application software in your organisation I would like to know the name of the Vendor and application name for the following systems:-

a) Finance General Ledger (e.g. Oracle Financials, Agresso)

b) Planning/Budgeting (e.g. Excel, SPSS, component of Ledger system)

c) Human Resources (Personnel/payroll e.g. iTrent, Resourcelink, HR-Pro)

d) Performance management  (e.g. Covalent, Corvu, Inphase. This software has typically recorded your National, Local and Partnership Indicators)

e) The Corporate Business Intelligence reporting tool (e.g. Cognos, Crystal, Business Objects)


1a) Mr Graeme Appleby, Director of Finance and Planning;

b) Mr Peter Mitchell, Director of Human Resources;

c) Mr John Robinson, Director of Library and Information Services;

d) The School does not have a Performance Manager. The closest equivalent is probably Planning, which falls under the Director of Finance and Planning mentioned above.

2) The School has a managed service arrangement for its Payroll and Human Resources system IT infrastructure, ResourceLink Aurora, which is hosted externally by NorthGate Arinso. Similarly, there is an arrangement for the Finance system IT infrastructure with Unit4.

For e-recruitment, there is a managed service arrangement with ‘Step Stone’ for its i-Grasp Web Recruitment System. The School also has a shared system for VLE with the Bloomsbury Group of Colleges for the BlackBoard system.

a) Agresso 5.5 (Unit4)

b) Agresso 5.5 plus Excel spreadsheets

c) ResourceLink Aurora; Version: Software Release RA01R05

d) See below

e) The School uses the Microsoft Office suite for its business intelligence, usually Excel and Access. This includes any performance management such as KPIs.

We do use Crystal, but for general management information reporting from UNITe (assessment reports, admissions reports etc).