SOAS University of London

Entertainment allowances and donor events

Disclosure date: 10 December 2012

Reference: FOI2012/080


1) Please provide me with figures for how much has been allocated in entertainment allowances/spending for the Vice Chancellor of the University each year for the past three years.

If possible, please provide me with details of precisely what any allowances/spending were spent on, including a breakdown of events (location, guests, date, etc) and the reason given for holding the event.

2) In addition, please give full details of major events held for potential donors to the University in the past two years: including, but not limited to, dinners, social events, days out, visits to the University etc.

3) Please include details of the funding of any such events: total cost, break down of catering, staff, entertainment costs.

4) Please specify if the cost of any such events came out of any potential entertainment budgets or if they were funded by other means.


1) SOAS does not have a Vice Chancellor, as it is a college of the University of London. However, the equivalent role is the Director. There was no expenditure by the Director on entertainment during 2009/10 and 2010/11. £105.88 was spent by the Director in 2011/12.

The spending in 2011/12 was on a networking lunch for American Friends of SOAS Alumni held on 31 March 2012 at the Amalfi Hotel in Chicago.

There was a total of six alumni guests plus SOAS’s Director Professor Paul Webley.

2) No major events have been held specifically for potential donors to SOAS. This is not how SOAS reaches out to potential donors. Existing or potential donors might be invited to any event organised by SOAS.

3) See explanation above.

4) See explanation above.