SOAS University of London

IT systems

Disclosure date: 10 September 2012

Reference: FOI2012/058


• Student Enrolment system
• Financials (GL,AP,AR)
• Any types of CRM (Support, Tracking, Sales, etc.)
• Payroll
• HR (Recruitment, benefits, appraisal, Absence, Organisation, etc.)
• Procurement Services
• Asset Management
• Learning Management System
• Online Collaboration tools

For each of the above system I would like to know the following information:

1. Short description of the use of the system
2. How much did it cost? The breakdown of that cost.
3. Who is the current software vendor that is supplying/ed the system?
4. Which vendor is currently supporting the system?
5. What is the name of the technology/Software used e.g. Oracle, SAP, Dynamic, etc?
6. What is the version/release of the software used?
7. What date will the software vendor contact expire?
8. What date will the system be reviewed e.g upgrade, enhancement, renewal?
9. What is the annual budget of the IT department?
10. What is the annual budget spent on IT system?


Attached is a spreadsheet containing the School’s response to your questions regarding SOAS’ IT systems.

You also asked for the following information:

What is the annual budget of the IT department?
In 2011-12 the expenditure budget for the IT section of Library and Information systems was £2,358,000.

Please note that SOAS does not have an IT department: it has IT sections within the Library and Information Services Directorate. This figure is for expenditure budgets directly allocated to the IT sections of the directorate only.

In addition I would like to know the name of the person/s in your organization that is responsible for the IT management.
SOAS operates a converged service of Library Information Services. The director with ultimate responsibility for IT is John Robinson. IT is managed by two assistant directors: Martin Whiteside, Assistant Director IS (responsible for ICT, Development, Desktop Development etc); and Libby Homer, Assistant Director Operations (responsible for LIS operations and IT Service).